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'I eat anything and everything, but moderately' - Daljeet Kaur

Daljeet Kaur taks about her food patterns, her likes and dislikes..

Published: Sunday,Mar 30, 2008 13:14 PM GMT-06:00
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I eat anything and everything, but moderately - Daljeet Kaur

Are you a food-o-holic?
Yes, I am certainly a foodie. I keep munching something or the other the whole day.

Are you a veggie or a non-veg person?
I love non-veg food. I am very much fond of prawns and chicken.

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I eat anything and everything, but moderately - Daljeet Kaur
What are you most likely to order if you walk into an Indian restaurant?
I will always order Tandoori Chicken or Kababs, with roti and a good vegetable sabzi.

Is there anything that you do not like to eat?
Nothing like that! I am not choosy at all. Instead, I love karelas a lot. I bounce up to eat them whenever they are served.

Your favorite restaurant?
I love to eat at the Dhaba. Also the food in Grand Hyatt, especially the buffet served is what I crave for. Whenever I go there, I start with salads, and tell myself not to touch the heavy dishes at all. But I end up hogging everything as I simply love the food there.

Strangest dish you have ever tried and where?
Once in Goa, I tasted very uniquely cooked prawns. It was the best made dish I have ever had.

Do you love to cook?
Yes, I enjoy cooking. I don’t do all the fancy cooking, but I can serve all with typical dhal, sabji, roti. Basically I cook simple food.

Do you have food fights?
Of course, when I am at the Santaan unit. All there crave for good food, and whenever someone has got something good to eat, we all need to run for our lives to get a bite at it. The whole unit is a bunch of foodies!!

Your favorite Ghar ka Khana..
Yellow Dhal and Chawal!!

What food habits do you follow?
To tell you frankly, I do not follow any habit when it comes to food. I eat anything and everything, and have no restriction at all. But yes, I eat everything in moderate quantity. I never eat till my stomach is completely full.

So does it mean that you never watch your calories?
Calories – What are they?

Any dish that makes your mouth water?
As I told you, I am very fond of tandoori chicken, plain dhal and chawal. I can any day live with just this!!

What are the sweets you eat the most?
I am not a sweet person at all. I like all the spicy and hot stuff.

Have you had alcohol?

How do you usually begin your day, with coffee or tea?
I surely need a bed tea to get up. I am addicted to tea and can never say ‘No’ to tea.

What is your normal food schedule for the day?
I start my day with tea, and then carry my breakfast as I leave home very early. Along the day, I just eat everything in small quantities. If I am at Santaan unit, I need not bother as I will surely get some delicious stuff. I just don’t care what I eat, but certainly make sure that I eat little, even if it means I get hungry very soon.

Have you ever had problems with weight?
Yes, during Kulvaddhu days, I had put on weight that really showed in my chubby face. But then, I learnt to eat more of fruits and drink plenty of water. Even now, though I don’t follow a very strict diet pattern, I am pretty happy, the way I look.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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яєємα @*shilpa*karan* 14 years ago she is such a sweet and a cute person
and i was really have that she won Nach Baliye 4
well in UK , Nach Baliye 4 is still airing but ive read on here that shaleen and daljeet have won , since the begining i new theyre r d best dancers in Nach Baliye 4 and i was right ........
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sukhjinder kaur @siumi 15 years ago thx for sharing it.
disgusting happenings...
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Megha @.:Megha:. 15 years ago Seems like a very sweet and cute person
Nice article!!!
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Aanya @kisnatulsi 15 years ago yea she seems really sweet and looks amazing too!!!...thanks
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-Veena- @-Veena- 15 years ago I really like her.... she seems sweet and she looks great in sundresses in CHA...
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Anchal @India16.Anchal 15 years ago She is a sweet person. Nice article.
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Pachu.P @Pachu.P 15 years ago she's sooo sweet!!!

Awesome Article!
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Diya Patel @khushi4eva 15 years ago awww she likes karelas...thts so me....hahaahhaha...very down to earth!!!!
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Angad_bigfan @Angad_bigfan 15 years ago She is very pretty ..i jus luv her hair!
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saba @luv_pavi 15 years ago thanxxxx she lykk karelazz ewwww but i lyk her
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