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'I don't believe in tagging a relationship'- Kritika Kamra

Kritika Kamra shares her excitement of doing a youth-oriented reality show after two years in the television industry...

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The young, sweet and subtle Kritika Kamra aka Pratiksha of Sony's Pyar ka Bandhan overwhelmingly speaks about perception, expectation and excitement attached to her upcoming reality show on Star Plus- Zara Nachke Dikha

What was your first response when you were approached for the show?
Actually, I got quite excited that I have been offered something different from daily soaps. Also at the beginning I thought it's a celebrity dance show, so little knowledge about dance is enough, which I have... but after meeting other participants and attending the first round of rehearsals I realized that dancing on this show won't be that easy(laughs).

So after that did you think of giving your decision a second thought?
Nothing as such. But yes, I haven't been doing any physical activity since past two years so I would take a little more time to build the strength and flexibility required for the style of dancing in this show.

Are you a trained dancer?
No not really, but in my school days I was very fond of learning Kathak. So my mother used to take me for summer classes in vacations. But I haven't taken any formal training as such.

Will you be paired against Karan Kundra in the show?
In a way yes, because it's a team game and the theme of the show itself is 'Battle of the Sexes'. And on the show we'll be having group performances, solo, duets... so considering it, the entire girls team will be performing against the boys. So there's nothing specific.

What would you say about Karan's dancing on the show?
I'm really very happy that Karan accepted the proposal. He doesn't dance much but whatever he does I'm sure it's going to be very cute and entertaining. And as he too is not a professional dancer he's putting in a lot of efforts for this show.

What are your expectations from the show?
I feel the show will be very well received by the youth. This is a very young show. It has got everything... games, challenges, dance and of course, entertainment(smiles).

You are finally getting to do something your age on television, so how's the feeling?
I would say at last I'm getting to do something my age on television which I can't do in daily soaps. I'm more then excited to get back to my age.

So how's the rapport between the participants in your girls team?
Actually, we all haven't sat together to talk as of now because for people who are doing daily soaps managing time isn't easy. But all are trying their level best and I think we all are going to rock when we get on stage.

You also have a kid named Sparsh in your team what would you say about her?
The kid is just fantastic. She can do unexpected things, she's quite flexible. She's the little patakka of our team.

What kind of dance you think suits you more? What kind of dance in specific would you like to perform on this show?
Basically, I think classical dance form suits me more and I'm rather comfortable doing it. But on this show I'd like to try something new in every episode.

So what was your parents' reaction when they were informed that you and Karan are doing this show together... now that they know about your relationship?
My parents actually love seeing us together. And they know him personally so they are all cool and excited and eagerly looking forward for this show.

Why did you people announce yourself as a couple so late?
Because we ourselves didn't know that! (laughs) Basically I don't believe in tagging a relationship. And then someday people just announced that we are a couple and we had nothing to say. So that's it.

After shooting for daily soaps hours together, what's the feeling when you get down for rehearsals?
It's very difficult. Biggest challenge is managing time. And the kind of role I'm playing, the shooting cannot be preceded without my character. So I have to shoot every day. It's very tiring.

So while taking up this show how much thought did you give to time management?
I did give a lot of importance to time. I even asked the channel how they expect me to manage time because this show is finally a team game. There are lots of acts, different kinds of performances.  But luckily both the production houses of my show have co operated very well. So I'm truly grateful to them.

How confident are you about performing in this contest?
I'm not at all confident. But I know that the nervousness is just for those few minutes when you get on stage. Once I acquire my comfort zone things would be different then.

Are you looking up to learning something from your fellow contestants?
Definitely I am. We have few people like Rakhi, Sanjeeda who are versatile dancers and they have done such wonderful shows in the past! They are people with no inhibitions. So we all have lot to learn from each other.

So if in a danger zone situation you are asked to perform a solo, what would you do?
Oh gosh! I would cry but finally perform (laughs).

Any message for your fans at India-Forums.
I really expect this show to do well. And I'm really thankful to all the people who have supported me during Kitani Mohobbat Hai, Pyar ka Bandhan and also during that 1 month when I wasn't seen on screens. So I hope they'll see this show too and enjoy the same (smiles).

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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arjuhi_kmh 9 years ago kritikaaa! we miss u so much come back on screen with karan we dont care wat show we just want to see u and kaaran together!! plesaeee we love u and miss u A LOT2011-06-30 15:59:32
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piamist 9 years ago We are with you always Kritika...where ever you go and what ever you do
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garvitaarora 10 years ago luv u kritzi u are soooooooooooo sweet......................
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anitaksuresh 10 years ago Have truly great respect to your opinion on this.
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Anjali96 10 years ago lovee u kitloo and me so happy that u and karan r together
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Anjali96 10 years ago love u kritz...u and karan will deff rock..and love ur answers =)
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Neeshoe 10 years ago Lovee you Krits :) You are gonna rock in this showw !!
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kritika_karan 10 years ago nice answers......
luv u kritika...
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Madiha_20 10 years ago awww...really waannna seee ksg and kritika perform................!!!! they willll definitely rock
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Lavarnia 10 years ago aww luv kritika
@Anjalii....xXx so agree with u
luv karan nd kritika
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