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'I don't believe in dieting' - Pooja Bose

Pooja Bose is a complete foodie and talks about her likes and dislikes...

Are you a foodie?
Very much! I enjoy eating.

Do you prefer veg or non-veg?
I am a complete non-vegetarian.

Your favorite dish in non-veg?
I like to have Tandoori Chicken.

When it comes to Ghar ka Khana, what do you like?
I like everything that my mom makes. However, the cakes she prepares at home are the best.

Which is your favorite restaurant?
Lucky’s Biryani.

Do you believe in dieting?
Not at all.

What kind of eating habits do you follow?
I eat normally and don’t follow any eating norms. But I prefer to have lots of juices and fruits.

The worst dish you have ever tasted?
Once I tasted a Chinese fish which was awful.

Which is the best dish you have had?
Chicken tikka masala.

Do you like to cook? If so, what is the dish you regularly make?
I like cooking, but it’s a while since I entered the kitchen to cook. But I make good Chilli Chicken.

Have you gone wrong while cooking a particular dish?
Once I tried making a dish with fish. It turned out very bad and I hated that moment..

Reporter and Author: Rachna Trivedi


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*shilpa*karan* 11 years ago she is 222 cute
and thanks 4 sharing
wackysharu 11 years ago she looks really cute... she eats so much.. . but she doesnt put on weight i guess... coz in real she is very thin...
srk_kadz 11 years ago she mst b pretty young... at dis age u dont really hav to b concerned abt the diet...
tulipbaby53 11 years ago awesome! finally! an actress who isn''t worried about what she eats, but she just naturally takes care of herself!

thanks for the article! :-)
arabian_love 11 years ago i am also a food''o''holick but i love to have fruit juices after meals which is very necessary.
-Preeti- 11 years ago seems she loves chicken a lot just like me

lucky biryani ...... is this the one in Bandra? i guess its the same
mimi0295 11 years ago This content is hidden.
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