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'I did not want to win at the cost of my dignity' - Poonam Dhillon

Telly Buzz in a conversation with the second runner-up of Bigg Boss, Poonam Dhillon...

Published: Tuesday,Dec 29, 2009 19:31 PM GMT-07:00
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Bigg Boss second runner-up Poonam Dhillon has not changed her colors after the event unlike Vindoo and Pravesh and maintains the same calmness that she displayed inside the Lonavala Bunglow.

Here is the graceful actress in a frank chit chat with Telly Buzz.
I did not want to win at the cost of my dignity - Poonam Dhillon
How did you feel on losing out on the final day?
I don't feel I lost.  As for as I am concerned, all the three finalists are winners. Look at Pravesh Rana, being a commoner he reached till the very end, thanks to his popularity. The love and respect that I got from the public, especially women has overwhelmed me. It is more than made up for all the trouble I undertook during the stay like going to jail etc. It's not that I did not want to win, but not at the cost of my dignity.
What did you come here for?
I wanted the generation of my children to know me. And I feel I have succeeded, for my son told me 'Mom I am proud of you'.

What do you feel about a woman losing again?
I look at things differently. At least a woman did reach the finals. The fair sex seems to have different priorities. For us our children always come first, may be that was the reason why they forget to vote as well.
Do you think that your lack of drama may have cost you?
I can't be aggressive and loud. Some people actually thought that my calmness was a game plan, but I am like this only. I only opened my mouth towards the end when Aditi Gowitrikar dragged my children into the mix which was wrong. I know about her family but kept quite. May be she got insecure about me. I prefer to deal with rivalry in a different manner. I will never put down my opponents or insult them.
Recently Kamal Khan was quoted as saying that you only do 'Paat' and cook?
He seems to consider throwing bottles, abusing and fighting, as better options to gain popularity.
How did you spend the 84 days?
At first I was worried whether I will be able to live without my Blackberry and computer, but soon I was pretty cool without these communication devices. What I really missed were my books and I tried to make up for it by cooking.
Did you miss your kids?
Yes I did. I was bit anxious about my son's entrance exams. But I was not worried as his father and my sisters were around to guide him.
Is it necessary to play the game?
You need to be a drama queen, for if everybody is just eating and sitting quietly, it would be no fun. So Bigg Boss introduced certain tasks as psychological ploys to incite drama; some worked while few did not.
How did you deal with the stress?
I did not have any major issues, but those with weak family support structures like Rohit Verma and Sheryln Chopra did crumble under pressure. Even Bakhtiyaar Irani seemed to loose his cool often.
Your take on the winner Vindoo Dara Singh?
Vindoo is a real nice friend; he respected me a lot and would always praise me.

What next?
I had voluntarily quit films so that I could be with my kids. Now they themselves are telling me to do my own thing. Let's see what projects I get now.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Apoorva @appu_appu 13 years ago She deserved to win BB...

In a scripted show scripted person won,,,,
How can the dirtiest person[VINDU]who used to curse everyone terribly in d house won,,,,quite amazing..
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REKHA SHARMA @rekhasharma 13 years ago Dignity! What dignity is she talking about? As far as the family support structure is concerned, every body knows that she has no support worth the name. Even her "husband" refused to talk to her on phone when she was allowed to call her home, courtesy Tanaaz. And this lady back stabbed her at the first opportunity.
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kavneet @kav_k2 13 years ago thnx for the interview..!!
i wanted her to win :(
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s315925 13 years ago This content is hidden.
beena @bsingapury 13 years ago she was the only one who played game with grace and dignity and i think that's why she was second runnerup now a days rfeality shows also want drama and scoop and all kind of cheapness to generate popularity.......but best luck to her......
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d.y. @d.y. 13 years ago she was the only sensible and decent person in the house. i really wanted her to win .....all the best for her future
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yipee @yipee 13 years ago she was gud...all the best to her for her future
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
aisha @desi_baby07 13 years ago I wish she had won. She was my fave in the house! Love you Poonamji. :)
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pari @areej11 13 years ago big b sucks, the dirtiest person won who used to curse every1 terribly
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so_what @so_what 13 years ago "Bigg Boss second runner-up Poonam Dhillon has not changed her colors after the event unlike Vindoo and Pravesh ..."

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