'I can't take my eyes off Shaleen' - Daljit Kaur

In conversation with Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Kaur after their triumph in Nach Baliye 4..

Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Kaur, the most consistent Jodi in Nach Baliye 4 walked away with the final honors last weekend as they won the coveted trophy, a cash prize of 50 lakhs and a Maruti Estello.

Here is the couple in conversation after the fabulous win..

How do you feel after winning Nach?
Both: To be honest, the feeling is yet to sink in. It will take time. We have really worked hard for the last three months. We humbly thank the audience and the judges for their immense love and support. 

What was going through your mind when the safe with the result was brought?
Shaleen: I just felt that I should steal the safe and run away (laughs). This way nobody would be a loser. For the past 2-3 days, all we were doing was just praying to God, that he should make us win. 

Daljit: The wait was killing; they were just stretching it unnecessarily. Now the first thing we will do is go to Gurdwara and thank God for making our dream come true.

At first when you entered Nach, did you guys think that you can win?
Shaleen: No, we were confident that we would do well. But we did not think that we would go so far. Having said that, we really broke our backs in rehearsals, and that helped our doctors to make good money (grins).

Now that you mentioned money, how much importance do you pay to Rs 50 lac prize booty?
Daljit: It would be wrong to say that money is not important. It's all the more sweet, for we won it through our sweat and brow.

Daljit, Punjab has literally stood up for you and voted.

I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for their massive support. We plan to go to Golden Temple to offer our thanks very soon.

Your take on the judges?

Both: All the three have been very supportive. If ever Farah mam was strict, it was for our good. The fact that Karisma wept when we did bad, moved us a lot. Arjun's advice was always spot on.

Life after Nach?
It does seem empty. It's quite sad that the unit guys are dismantling the set right in front of our eyes though.

We have heard that you might do one more dance reality show?
Let's see,  for the moment, we are enjoying this phase!!
How has Nach helped you to come closer as a couple?
This phase gave us the opportunity to assess each other's good and bad points. Now we are dead sure that we will be happy together for the rest of our life.  Happy is the operative word here.

So when will the wedding bells ring?
Shaleen: Now we have danced enough. Whenever our elders tell us that they are ready to dance at our wedding, it will take place.

Daljeet you just can't take your eyes off Shaleen..

Yes, I just can't have enough of him and hope this lasts for the rest of our lives.

How was the feeling of interacting with SRK?

It was great. One thing I have learnt from him is that the show must go on irrespective of whatever happens.

Any funny experience?

Shaleen:  When I did the act dressed as a woman, it was hard work getting the make up done.  I never ever spent two hours in just getting dressed.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Daljiet Kaur

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Comments (38)

congrats 2 dem! :D dey did realli gud.! :D n loloz 2 hours 2 get dressed? ehehehe tke dat long evryday!

15 years ago

awww der so cutee.... bless dem!!!! love both of dem... dnt blame daljit 2 not take her eyes of shaleen...... : p lol!

15 years ago

shaleen and daljit are just made for each other! well done guys!

15 years ago

can we get an video interview of them. i really want to see them together again!

15 years ago

They are just adorable. Whenever use to watch them on NB i use to have a big smile on my face through out their performance. They were one of the best jodi''s of NB4 & they deserved to win!!

15 years ago

They were deserving yes but they over did it. Hugged each other at least 50 times in 1 minute for the same thing even when it was a normal performance. ek do teen baar bhi theek hai magar baar baar ..looks fake!

15 years ago

Aw they are sooo cuteee.. nd Shaleen''s last line.. Any funny experience?
Shaleen: When I did the act dressed as a woman, it was hard work getting the make up done. I never ever spent two hours in just getting dressed.
is reeeally funy!

15 years ago

they are soo sweet!
i''m glad that they won!

15 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Congrats to Shaleen Daljit, their hardwork was aptly rewarded. Shaleen did dance well on Dola re dressed as woman. Best wishes to them for a lovely future.

15 years ago

congrats couple
u both are very good dancers

15 years ago

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