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'I can't appeal for sympathy votes' - Shashi Suman

Shashi Suman’s eviction comes as the greatest shocker of the season on Indian Idol 5…


Shashi Suman the versatile singer expresses sadness more than shock at his eviction from Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV this season…

Brief us about your occurrence on Indian Idol 5?
Experience was good and this is the biggest achievement in my life. It gives me immense pleasure when I realize that I'm amongst the lucky ones who got selected from thousands of singers who had come down for the Mumbai auditions.

Did your eviction come as a shocker to you?
Yes I have heard many people saying so, but on a personal front it's more saddening then shocking.

According to you what lead to your elimination?
Firstly I think I focused on my complete concentration on the song and didn't connect to the audience well. Secondly I can't and didn't do any sort of drama to attain public sympathy through votes.
So do you mean to say people gain votes through sympathy?
Yes people do gain sympathy benefits, may be I lacked that skill in me (smiles).

So who do you think is gaining sympathy votes?
All the participants are talented and there's no doubt about it. But when it comes to sympathy voting I feel it's Tia who gains maximum votes.

What's your take on the elimination process?
I feel elimination is a part and parcel of a reality show, because finally only one can attain the title of being the Indian Idol. But yes I will miss the environment and companionship of my fellow singers 24*7. And I did feel bad when I was the one to get eliminated but now I have taken it in a positive way.

Tell us something about yourself?
I am basically from Patna, my father too is a music lover. But he didn't want me to pursue a career in the same. But I was so dedicated towards singing that after 10th I ran from my house to Luckoow and joined the Music University. Now I'm in Mumbai since last 3 years and have struggled a lot. But now I think my singing is being appreciated and luckily I have even got an opportunity to sing the song Mora Piya Mose Bolat Nahi in the movie Rajneeti with Adesh Srivastav.

Whom will you miss the most on the show?

I will miss Rakesh a lot, he was my room partner and we shared each and every moment together.
Who has been your Favorite Judge?
All three of them; they used to teach us and point out our mistakes and try to make us improve in every performance.
So what's next on the chart?
I had come down to Mumbai with a dream to become a play back singer and I will chase the same here after.

Reporter & Author: Ranjini Nair


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PASam 10 years ago shit he sang mora piya!!! no wonder in certain parts of the song the voice sounded familiar!! shashi u rock!!!!
bwoodlover01 10 years ago u did amazing in "Mora Piya"... hope more opportunties keep knocking on ur door.
Priti_lal 10 years ago Sashi ur amazing n versatile singer ....i wish u all the best n u will be a successful n known singer ...indian idol was just the beginning of ur success ....we love u lot n our blessings r with u .....keep smiling :)
LOVE_DMG 10 years ago a man has to fall a hundred times before being successful. ..well you got the message.
aveksha 10 years ago Shashi, you were consistantly doing great job. I feel you would certainly be a part of Indian Idol again through the wild card entry. Good luck!
bunny_fun 10 years ago Shashi you were very good and I think one of the few in the competition who has a classical base... and I was hoping and praying you would compete with shreeram in the finals...

But, When you loose something, that means something better is waiting out there for you!

So, hope to see you again.... as established Singer

All the Best!!!
Sujal_Fan_No1 10 years ago It was soo sad to see him go. But since Shahi is a gd singer he will go further in his career! :-D
PrincessFi 10 years ago i think it was he who once laughingly said "gals are also catching up with boys".... i was like... he cant bear gals in the competition or what?...his singing and all was good but at the same time he should not point out other contestants....nways best of luck shashi....
-Aaliyah- 10 years ago I'm gonna miss you a LOT! I hope you get more oppurtunities in Bollywood! I love Mora Piya!
Arushi. 10 years ago Its so sad to see brilliant singers being evicted. Shaay.

All the best, this is surely not the end for you.
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