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'I buy anything!' - Kritika Kamra

Kritika Kamra, one of television’s sweethearts, talks on how she likes to keep it simple yet exceptional…


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a lifestyle. Something that's peculiar to yourself.
Fashion is bringing out your own way.

Which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?
The lil' black dress

Your favorite designer
Manish Arora

Favorite perfume
Black Rose by Valentino

Favorite line of bags and shoes
I pick up anything I like when it comes to bags and shoes. So no particular line.

Do you prefer make-up or being without it?
I'm sort of in the middle. Because I don't like to be plain but at the same time heavy make-up is a big no-no. So I guess you can I'm a kaajal(kohl) and lip -gloss  person.

Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?
M. A. C

Your favorite fashion destination?
For couture Milan and for street shopping Bangkok

Malls or Stalls?
I really don't care. All of my denims are branded because they give you a nice fit. Other than that I buy anything!

What do you do on a bad hair day?
I tie my hair into a French knot.

The accessories that you usually prefer…
Chunky silver jewellery. Any one piece of it.

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?
Not really. I'm an old school person when it comes to that.

Who do you feel is the most influential trendsetter at present?
Sonam Kapoor and also Kareena Kapoor.

Who is your style icon?
I am my style icon.

The hottest color this season…
Black is always hot. Apart from that cobalt blue.

Do you take fashion advice from others or you follow your own instincts?
I trust my own instincts but also follow some general tips put out on girls' magazines.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


Kritika Kamra Pyaar Ka Bandhan  Sony TV 

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ayshaomar 9 years ago kritikas fashion sense suits her perfectly she is very pretty and dresses great and it suits her
love you kittu
arjuhi_kmh 9 years ago wow just love u u are such a beautiful person! love u and miss u to come back with karan on any shw:((
garvitaarora 9 years ago luv u kritika.........u have fab fashion sense...................
princess_zanny 10 years ago This content is hidden.
abd_20 10 years ago to make up and dress she wears...
well she's very confident about her
appearance... way to go kritz
masin 10 years ago aww she's just like me! except for the denims part!! love heerrr <3
zaho 10 years ago Arohi and Arjun are the best in the series
achiever 10 years ago oh...www.. well.. i luv those answers.. u r simple yet most graceful n beautiful person.. missing u Arohi with Arjun.. u 2 plz come back sooonn together...
bwoodlover01 10 years ago every time i look at her, she reminds me of my math teacher- lol. i swear they look so alike.
Adil112 10 years ago thanks she is rokcing in pyaar ka bandhan
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