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'I believe in child marriage' Neha Marda

The beautiful and innocent Gehna aka Neha Marda talks about her likes and dislikes and why she is in favor of child marriage...

Published: Sunday,Dec 07, 2008 09:40 AM GMT-07:00
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I believe in child marriage  Neha Marda
Define your self in one word: Cute

Love means: Everything to me..

Hate means: It’s nothing for me

Lust is: Part of human mind

You feel comfortable when: I am with my friends

One thing you want to change about yourself is: My height (grins)

Any Secret Desire: To become a wonderful housewife

Perfect date will be like: I would like to be in isolated place with my love. With candles all around, he should cook a delicious food for me and then we should watch a movie together and chat the whole night.

On a date you would like to go with: Imran Khan

Dream Role: The one I’m playing in Balika Vadhu of Gehna

Your Favorite Dish: I like to eat Punjabi food

Love or Arranged marriage, what do you believe in:  Both, and I feel all elders should be open to both.

Your thoughts on Child Marriage: I feel its very helpful but with conditions applied. Saas should keep her bahu as daughter and the duo should be friends first, so that as time flies both will accept each other. Their friendship will later grow into love which is good.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Marya @Mazzy101 14 years ago i definately dnt believe in child marriage! why do that to a child? thts stealing away their childhood! its wrong!!
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[email protected] @[email protected] 14 years ago think about Ur child dear, its like that through Ur child to devil
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mitali patel @Mitu1228 14 years ago Kk, then. Y put a child through that? Man.
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kajal @Frends-life 14 years ago thanks a lot..but dont agree with child marriage...its only exploitation on childresn..specially on guls!
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Shreya @CeruleanSky 14 years ago Huh? Acting in a show like Balika Vadhu which speaks AGAINST child marriage and she BELIEVES in it ? How ironic is that ?

Strange....thanks for the article !
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Ambylicious @Ambylicious 14 years ago is she crazy???does she even know what she is saying??god!!i used to like her..she turned out to be a complete b****..u know what sum1 needs to show her the reality.if educated and aware ppl comment like this then....
am so SHOCKED rite now that i dont have words to say nything..will post again when am back to my normal self..
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sharu @wackysharu 14 years ago wht d hell she thinks child marriage is good.... ask her to visit the rurals in india where dis happens then she ill come to know...
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SamLuvsSaRun @SamLuvsSaRun 14 years ago How can she support child marriage?..I dont get her...
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Nishtha @Nishtha 14 years ago What do u mean by..it will help if you are married as a child..it means..girls are born ONLY TO GET MARRIED nd be a HOUSEWIFE!! this could be your POV but as an actor you should appreciate Right things i think :)

Two wrongs can never make a RIGHT :)

Members Please Calm down :)

Thanks for the Article Rachna :)
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starry_eyes29 @starry_eyes29 14 years ago wow
ya housewife ..ew
and child marriage even with conditions its just wrong...and stupid everyone has a right to grow up and live thier lives..how can u put a child thru that..never allowing them to grow up properly, wat if later they grow up and hate it ..wat if they never wanted to get married..its not rite deciding sumthing for children if there to lil to even no wats hapenin..its jus wrong..i no its her opinion but still..how can u think that thas like going bac all the way to olden times and traditions..if she thinks its better cuz it forms a better saas bahu relationship..thas stupid it can b formed wen ur older to..its not even tha imp.
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