I attended Dhaakad’s premiere to support the team; Kangana was rude to me during the event: Payal Rohatgi

Payal Rohatgi clears the air on attending ‘Dhaakad’s premiere after calling out Kangana Ranaut and hoping that the movie flops.

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Kangana and Payal

Payal Rohatgi has been grabbing eye balls ever since she exited from the controversial reality show ‘Lock Upp’. Payal ended up being the first runner up in the show. The model-turned actress had a remarkable journey in the show. From being targeted since the first week to landing herself in TOP 2, Payal upped her game and how!

Munawar Faruqui won the show. Post the same, Payal has made sure to put her point of view forward on Faruqui’s win and also called out Kangana for being a hypocrite. In one of the Instagram posts, Payal wrote a long message expressing herself and mentioned that Kangana used her for the show. She stated that she is unfollowing Kangana and wished her film (Dhaakad) flops.

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After such a hard-hitting statement, Payal yet again shocked the viewers by appearing at the premiere of ‘Dhaakad’ last night along with the other contestants of ‘Lock Upp’. The fans started to question Payal’s actions. Payal yet again posted a post on Instagram and cleared the air and stated that she attended the event to support the team.

Have a look at the Instagram:


India Forums got in touch with Payal and asked her about her contradictory actions, she said, “Kangana was giving wrong interviews to justify her winner of ‘Lock Up’. I have to be honest to my conscience. I took the defeat in my stride but then after 10 days since finale, I hear nonsensical statements from her justifying the selection of the winner by her made me realize that she needs reality check in real life. Coming back to the movie, there are people behind the camera who invest their hard earned money in a film. I went for them as Sohail Maklai ji is a friend of Sangram”.

When asked about wishing bad for the movie, Rohatgi added, “In my post when I said her film should flop was because she (Kangana) was the one using me for her reality show by calling me BADASS from start and then on finale day said that I used to bully the winner which was very shocking and disappointing for me.  This 'bully' statement was the talk before she asked winner to do standup act in finale where he mocked my act of uploading the videos that I make in real life"

We asked Payal if she met Kangana and spoke to her in the event. She said, “Yes, I made an effort but she was not happy to see me and was rude”.

What’s your take on the controversy? Hit the comment section below.

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Dil Q ye mera shor kare , idhar nahi udhar nahi tere aur chala - MUNAWAR FARUQUI-

1 years ago


कैसे ऐतबार करूँ इस दुनिया का आज जिसे रंग कह रहे है, कल उसे दाग कहेंगे

1 years ago

Payal deserves it for speaking crap about Ekta and Kangana. She should not disrespect the show that made her the runner up

1 years ago

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