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'I aspire to buy an Audi Q7' - Kinshuk Mahajan

Kinshuk Mahajan better known as Viren of Star Plus' and Rajan Shahi Director's Kut's Chand Chupa Badal Mein takes up the Quick Grills this week...

A comment that you will never forget: I look better off screen than on screen.

The funniest name that someone has used on you: Kinshu, Kinshal etc...

Your weirdest fantasy: To meet God some day.

What is the most annoying thing about yourself: Sleeping, but that doesn't annoy me but the others.

Which is the last book you read: Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

If you could find a replacement for Viren, who will you replace it with: I really did not think about it and I have no idea who could that be.

The car you drive:
In Mumbai I drive the Honda City and in Delhi I drive Fortuner.

The car you aspire to buy:  Audi Q7

If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say? Kinshuk Mahajan, the first actor from television to get a better pay than a film actor.

Your most expressive feature: Eyes

The last place on earth where you will find me: I don't know, maybe you will have to find me one.  

What do you carry while you are traveling: A carry bag with my stuffs like perfumes, and other stuffs and an icebox.

Your all time favorite film: Titanic

Your typical day: A typical day is full of excitement where the day finishes in a happy way.

When you are not acting, you like to: Sleep

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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sac58375 9 years ago Very sad the show is ending. I will miss you Kinshuk!! Love you and please be back soon!!
krazzy4ArHi 9 years ago awww ...i love the comment u gave on urself...but u luk gud on screen as well as off screennn!!!
sooo cute n titanic so romantic n i do love ur eyes...
tashu20 9 years ago kinshuk u r sooo sweet...keep rocking
nivren forever...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
afifaaries 9 years ago u r really killin in dis pic... wanna meet god sum day... oh yeah dat is d weirdest fantasy i must say... and no1 can replace u as viren...
Nikita99 9 years ago It is an ultimate car and you should go for it. I drive A6 and thinking about switching but my friends think its too big for me. But I did get a chance to test drive it and it's just AWESOME like you.
kinshukneha 9 years ago u look gud every where on screen ya off screen ..................
AIM : to buy a audi Q7 ..................
zeeren 9 years ago ya, kinshuk u r right your eyes are very expressive i agree with it & i wish tht my eyes also can do same. your eyes are really very cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
-aamina- 9 years ago Kinship is sooo cute and seems so down to earth.
Nivren forever
kinnyminny 9 years ago ur soooooooo sweeeeeeeetttttttttttttt. i love uuuuuuu....
smilee17 9 years ago I just love 2 sleep n Titanic is the best.
A very good taste............
Love you keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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