'I ask God to fulfil every wish of mine' - Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar, the gorgeous Kumkum of small screen talks about her fond memory, strengths, weaknesses and much more...

Describe yourself in one word
: Unpredictable

Favorite Pass time: Sleeping and listening to Music

Favorite Cuisine: My favourite cuisine depends on my mood, but it definitely has to be food cooked by my mom. She is an excellent cook.

Favorite Perfume: Issey Miyake

One wish you would like to ask from God: I will ask him to fulfill every wish of mine.

Most fond memory: There are many fond memories but recently I visited Mysore and I had a lot of fun with my parents, my sister and all my family members there.

If not an actor, then what would you be: Nothing. It has been my childhood dream to be an actor.

If I was Prime Minister for one day I would: One day is too less to do something as it is very difficult to change anything in one day.

The Best Compliment: I get many compliments from everyone but just yesterday I received a compliment from my on screen father played by Surendra Pal. He told me that I am the best actor in television and I am the sweetest girl he has ever met in this industry.

My greatest strengths are: My Family because they support me in everything I do.

My greatest weaknesses are: My family as I cannot live without them.

What quality do you find most endearing in a man:I like a man who knows how to respect women.

Your most prized possession: My house which I purchased 2 years back.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Surendra Pal

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May god fulfil every wish of urz ......x
and ppl hu dont lyk her plzz dont b mean , go somewhere else if u wanna b mean and naila01 , i dont think Juhi luks lyk a cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first comment on ur own self b4 u comment on someone else kk
miss u Juhi after kumkum came to an end .......x

14 years ago

she has put on lot of weight recently!!

15 years ago


15 years ago

always enjoy reading Juhi's interview and articles

Juhi and Hussain are awesome as the new Kumkum Sumit

down-to-earth girl and a gem of a person.

Surendar Pal and Juhi Parmar chemistry as the father-daughter duo is rocking.

definitely the best actor and the sweetest girl

all the best for the future

15 years ago

Juhi is rly good!But she is a gal....?That z a newz 4 me!

16 years ago

No doubt juhi is the best actor & a sweet person

16 years ago

wow!!she truly is the best & sweetest!!thx so much for this interview!

16 years ago

love her new look she is avery good actress thnx

16 years ago

she is the best actress in indian television..all the best to her

16 years ago

juhi is a gem of a person in real life
i have meet her she is really good
may god fulfill all her wishes
and she is a fab actress

16 years ago

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