'I am waiting for my groom for so long' Sushmita Sen

"Samsara", meaning world, is a film based on beggars who stay in Laddakk and follow Buddism. The film has been honored with thirty International awards.

"Samsara", meaning world, is a film based on beggars who stay in Laddakk and follow Buddism. The film has been honored with thirty International awards. Pan Nalin, the director of the film, though has mixed reactions; he is happy because the whole world has acknowledged the film, but sad because the universally praised film has very little recognition in India. After two years of its release, Pan is now trying to reach the Indian audience with the DVD version of "Samsara".

The gorgeous Sushmita Sen was present during the DVD release of "Samsara". Here is the lady talking about the film, and also on her forthcoming projects.

Sushmita Sen feels honored to be a part of the DVD launch function of the film 'Samsara'. An ardent fan of the film, the actress says, "I watched it as soon as it was released two years back. I liked the film very much, and my affection for the film is more because the maker of the film is an Indian."

Talking about the standard of Indian films when compared to International ones, Sush opines, "I am really proud that the film (Samsara) was made in India. We must know that every year Indian filmmakers create many films that can easily be compared with International movies from the point of view of either quality or budget. Despite all that, our films are recognized only as musical films in the World cine market. It's a blessing for us to have "Samsara" made in India and we should be proud of Pan as the Indian director is priceless."

After Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag, the talented lanky actress is not seen much in films now. But her fans and viewers are surely awaiting the release of her forthcoming films, 'Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai' and 'Dulha Mil Gaya'.

When asked about her film, 'Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai', a tight-lipped Sush has this diplomatic answer to give, "We are here for the film "Samsara" and I would like to talk about films by Pan only. But believe me, when we will meet for my film, I will talk about films by me only".

Moving on to her next awaited release, 'Dulha Mil Gaya', Sush cracks a joke, as she says, "Even I am waiting for my groom for long. Well, I am also waiting for "Dulha Mil Gaya" to be complete. It's one of those films which I enjoyed working in. I hope Shahrukh can arrange his date for the film soon so that we can complete the shooting."

Talking about Mudassar Aziz, the debutante director of "Dulha Mil Gaya", Sushmita says, "As "Samsara" is Pan's first film, "Dulha Mil Gaya" is the first film by Mudassar Azziz. It's very interesting for me that I worked all the way in my career with first-time directors only. I have never seen such a confident director than Mudassar. He knows well about not only what he has to do, but also what he requires for the script."

Before taking leave from Sush, we were forced to ponder over the fact that Pan has approached Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, for the character of Yashodhara for his forthcoming film, "Life of Buddha", but not Sushmita who is an ardent fan of the film maker. What made him choose Ash over Sush? Well, we went to Pan to get the answer to this, but Sushmita who was standing near pan replied saying, "As Pan didn't offer me the role of Yashodhara, I also didn't think about Pan while making "Jhansi Ki Rani".

Well, that was a very smart answer coming from a very smart Sushmita Sen!

Rajnee Gupta.-(SAMPURN)

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