I am very proud of my daughter Rinku: Rinku Dhawan’s mother Anita Dhawan

Anita Dhawan is the proudest mom as she accompanied Rinku to the BB stage. In a conversation with India Forums, Anita spoke about Rinku’s game in the show.

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Rinku Dhawan

Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki fame Rinku Dhawan is currently inside the house of Bigg Boss 17 and she is playing the game very maturely. Rinku, who is mostly seen in the kitchen for her duty, is probably one of the most dignified and sorted contestants. Speaking about her strength, her mother Anita Dhawan says,” Rinku is planning her game very strategically and gracefully, people may find her to be very docile but whenever she has to take a stand, she will take a stand. And she is someone who will never shy away from speaking the truth. She takes time to open up but once she is there, she will explore all the possibilities inside the house.”

Anita Dhawan is the proudest mom as she accompanied Rinku to the BB stage. She says,”I have been the happiest since Rinku agreed to take this up. Because I am an ardent fan of this show and also of Salman Khan, especially because of his hosting style of Bigg Boss.” 

It’s been 2 weeks, how would you evaluate Rinku’s game? She says,” She is the balancing factor inside the house, right from doing her duties in the kitchen to discussing situations with her co-contestants, she is just so well-balanced. She is so mature that she puts forth her opinion respectfully and doesn’t get involved in any fights. In the past week, we have also seen how Abhishek had tried to pick up a fight but Rinku has handled the situation nicely.” 

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Rinku started her career at the age of 17 as an actress and always got full support from her family. Anita Dhawan says,"One thing I have always told my daughter is that she should finish her education and then join the industry. She has listened to me. At quite an early age she got an excellent response from the industry and in quite a short span of time she has established herself as a confident actor. It’s not only about her work, Rinku is someone who takes her responsibility very well. Her father was unwell for a long time before he expired in 2019 and Rinku was the one who took care of me and my family. She is also someone who is immensely kind-hearted.  Rinku is a giver in life. I am sure in a few weeks the audience will get to see her other qualities and will start following her more. I am very proud of my daughter Rinku; I am missing her but I also don't want her to leave the BB House soon  .”

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