'I am very bubbly and talkative like Veeranwali' - Garima Bhatnagar

Garima Bhatnagar plays the main lead in Veeranwali, the new show on 9X. Here's her take on the serial...

Veeranwali the new show on 9X is a touching story about the strong bond between a sister and her two brothers. It’s the story of a protected girl who loses everything that is important to her and learns to survive on her own. Vivacious Garima Bhatnagar plays the role of Veeranwali and Sameer Sharma plays her counterpart Parmeet.

As we talk about the serial, Garima says, “It is a typical Punjabi serial. It centers on a simple Punjabi family and mostly revolves around the relationship between the sister and her brothers.” Talking about her character, she adds, “My character is that of a very bubbly girl who is pampered. She is the apple of everyone’s eye. She shares a very strong bond with her brothers. They take a lot of care of her and are very possessive about her.” She was quite tight-lipped about the track of the serial as she says, “Right now it is just about the family. I cannot say anything more about it. You will just have to wait and watch to know what happens.”

So is she like that in reality too? “Oh yes” says Garima, “I totally relate to my character. I am also very bubbly and talkative just like Veeranwali.” She goes on to say, “The role is that of a young girl and I was very comfortable playing it.” And your co-stars? “Iit was wonderful working with all of them. Everyone was very co-operative and helpful. I share a great rapport with all the co-stars. In fact Waqar is just like an elder brother to ” The versatile actress is also seen in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki where she plays a grey shade.

The pretty girl has great plans for her future as she claims, “Right now I am working on these two projects. But if I do get good offers I will definitely take them up. I wouldn’t mind doing a film either, if the offer is good.”

Author: Melanie

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will defo watch ur show if you leave mets & adi :)

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congo on your new show. good
luck.pls leave adi to maithli and go to your new show will visit you there for sure.

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