'I am surely the best' - Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover has been portrayed as the 'Bad Man of Bollywood'. Now he is trying his hand in reality shows on television with Arre Deewano...

Gulshan Grover, the Ultimate Bad Man of Bollywood makes his first appearance on the small screen with Star Plus’ unique reality show Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano.

Here is the man in conversation with Rachana Trivedi on his experience being part of the show and much more…

What was the primary objective of taking up Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano?
First of all, this show is very different from others. Playing a gag and throwing a challenge at the public to recognize me is something really unique. The show uses your capability to look different, and then get into circumstances where you entertain public.
So how do you think this is different from what you have been doing in movies for so many years now?
I have been doing this since 25 years; trying to look different in each and every film, portraying that particular character in the best way I can, thus entertaining people. That entertainment is sometimes scary, as I end up frightening people, and some times it’s like purely making them laugh. I took this show as I thought it was very interesting and unique. I think such kind of show has never been made on television till now. This program not only demands you to get into various external disguises, but also taps your potential as an actor to handle the non-actors, i.e. the real people.
As you have expertise being the ‘Bad Man’ in Bolywood, will you do only goody goody acts here?
Well, there is no good or bad in this show. To be honest, majority of us are good and entertaining here. Eventually the victim or the person on whom the prank is played also joins in and enjoys. However, at the back of their minds, they have the thought on how they did not recognize the actor behind the get-up (grins). So far, whatever I have done has not hurt any body, so that means I’m a good guy (smiles). 
Is there any role that you haven’t played till now on the big screen, and you want to try it out here?
There are many roles that I haven’t played and would like to try here.  I would surely want to be a casting director. I would not get roles like this in Bollywood, nor any other known actor will get a chance to portray such a character. But in this show, I’m getting the opportunity to experiment.
Who do you think is the best in mimicking here?
There is no mimicry in the show. It will only register in your minds after you watch one or two episodes. The kind of stand-up comedy which is seen on TV cannot be compared to the acts in this show. Arre Deewano has its own feel which is unique. May be if our show gets successful, you can see many shows coming up on similar lines.

So who is your favorite amongst your co-contestants?
Well, talking about the best I can’t pinpoint one name, as all the five girls in the show are good, and I’m very much biased towards them (smiles).
How do you rate yourself as a con man?
To say in one word, I’m the best.
How has your experience been till now in Arre Deewano…
Interestingly I have enjoyed. Let’s say in Bollywood, I’m not anxious as I know that nothing can go wrong. Be it any body, from directors to co-stars like Big B and SRK, there is a certain level of comfort. In this reality show, you are little more anxious; but at the same time, charged up to give your best hoping that things fall in place, as there are no retakes here. There are lots of collaborative efforts, but we have no technical support. You are on your own after a point. There is anxiety all around, and when this translates into a good sequence/act, it feels good.
Is there any possibility to see you more on TV?
No, only once and its enough!!

To watch the Exclusive Video Interview of Gulshan Grover, CLICK HERE...

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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