'I am really tired of playing Negative' - Preeti Puri

A One-to-One with the Gorgeous Preeti Puri!!

From bagging a few roles on the big screen, to playing one of the biggest vamps of Indian television, Preeti Puri talks to the team of IF about her negative role as Tanisha, in Zee's Mamta and about her future aspirations.

First of all, welcome back to the show. How was it returning to Mamta?

Its feels great to be back and be Tanisha again. I was on a much needed break. Got to roam around a lot, visited the Taj Mahal, and many other places.

Now that you're back, how is Tanisha's character going to evolve post leap?

Tanisha is pretty much the same. She's just added to her own style, but no way does she look like a 40 year old. She doesn't have kids, nor any family. She's more or less the same.

You remained silent about whether or not, you will want to be a part of Mamta after the leap. What made you opt for it?

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the leap. I told the production house that I really didn't want to play a grown up's mother in the show. And thankfully I don't have to play a mother on the show.

Mamta - the show has changed a lot after the leap, your comments on that?

Seriously, it feels like we're in a new show. Everyone here is new. I really miss Neha a lot. We were like sisters offscreen. The creative unit, most of the star cast, everyone has changed.

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Do you plan to take up new projects as of now?

Actually yes, as Tanisha is not a full time character, I can think about taking new projects. The only problem is, that the offers I am getting right now, are all similar to Tanisha. Honestly, I am really tired of playing negative. Before playing Tanisha, I did five positive characters on television, and nobody noticed that. Everyone just knows me as Tanisha and not as the other characters I did. I am tired of being stereotyped as the negative character of Indian television.

But Tanisha has given you the most fame, correct?

Absolutely. Tanisha has given me a lot of recognition. I remember when I visited Singapore last year, Ajay and I were a part of a show and I was surprised to see the overwhelming response that I received. People were complimenting me for my role. It was really nice to see such love shown towards me. But being an actor, I just want to try something different now.

Do you think that Tanisha might ever turn positive?

(laughter) No way. Tanisha will always be negative.

Well, It does get boring for actors to do the same thing over and over again. We wish Preeti Puri the very best and hope she comes across creative and positive roles in the future. For more one on ones with your favorite stars, stay glued to India Forums TellyBuzz.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Comments (16)

well shes gud at playin this role but she should try another completely different role this time

16 years ago

i think she should be offered postive roles...she's really pretty and i think will look awesome as a lead positive actress....

16 years ago

thanks for the article!!

i think tanisha/ preeti is a great actress.. il uv her character as tanisha, although the character gets a tad annoying, just as all negative characters do..

i would love to see her in a positive role again, she would do great!

is it just me, or did i see her in the movie aitraaz as kareena kapoor's friend?

16 years ago

Thanx..she was in Aitraz also..in a small role..

16 years ago

SHE is gorgeus and she wear's nice sarees and she is way prettier then neha and tall too she playes negetive role and she is awsome at it

16 years ago

i thank god she stayed bcz if she would have left their wouldnt have been fun then!

16 years ago

great article anju and sree di! i'm glad preeti stayed on for the leap because mamta only gets it's spice from her.

16 years ago

Yeah i miss Neha too
she suits it pretty good
I gotta say Tanisha plays her role really well in Mamta. She always has those lovely saris on. And her make up is just gorgeuos . And can't forget her jewereally. Wish you all the best . And hope you have a lot of promotions

16 years ago

aww i like her! pretti...she's nice.. i miss neha on mamta too..stopped watching after she left! hmm...now that she has the fame of tanisha... she really should try different angles.. n she would have recognition from now...cause tanisha put her on the map!
all the best pretti!

16 years ago

Now that shes sort of famous, if she does a positive role she'll still have a bunch of fans

16 years ago

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