'I am on television by public demand' - Mahima Choudhury

The ravishing Mahima Choudhury will be judging Jalwa Four 2 Ka 1 on 9X. We talked to her about her stint as judge and the secret behind her vivacious looks...

After Karisma Kapoor, it’s now the turn of yet another Diva from Bollywood, Mahima Choudhury to try out her luck on the small screen. And here she is, debuting on television as judge of Jalwa Four 2 Ka 1 on 9X.

In a recent press conference, we chatted with her on this career move and also on her fitness mantra. 

What was the reason for taking up television?

Why not… as television is becoming more popular and has a greater reach to the audience. I feel this popularity is drawing everyone to the small screen. Besides, many used to ask me whether I intend to do something on TV. There had been some news on papers also of me taking up a reality show. In simple words, I am on TV by public demand. (smiles) Also, television takes less time. I shoot once a week for this show. Above all, I know Bonnie Jain from a long time, so was very comfortable accepting Jalwa.

Do you watch television? Which is your favorite show and character?
I don’t watch much of fiction shows, but yes at times, I watch reality shows like Indian Idol and Bigg Boss. In Bigg Boss, I like Zulfi as he is very courteous towards women and is a dignified person. Also, he never uses foul language.

The shoot of the first episode of Jalwa is over; so how was your experience as judge?
Well to be frank enough, I was nervous as I have never judged any one before. The first episode was indeed grilling. The teams were being selected and there was lots happening during the shoot. I would just like to say that it’s difficult to judge anyone.

Is there any strategy that you judges will adopt to avoid clashes with contestants?
I’m totally prepared for what ever happens, but there is no such strategy planned. Whatever remarks I would give, will be totally dependent on how they perform. Also, something tells me that this show will never have any controversies. I will speak what my mind says, and I feel the contestants too are aware of it as they are sportive enough.

These days we see so many Bollywood stars coming on television? Is TV a good avenue for them?
Definitely I feel television is a good avenue for Bollywood actors. The reach of this medium has equally risen like cinema. In other words ‘Jo dikta hai woh bikta hai’…

Coming to your personal front, how has motherhood changed your life?
The journey of motherhood is something very beautiful. In other words, you can say that it’s an elevating experience. I am getting to know how it is to be a mother. Now I am more polite towards everyone, and I think this is a change that has come in me after becoming a mother. My mamta for my child has become strong, and you can see that in me all the time now.

Tell us about your fitness mantra?
For me, fitness is looking healthy and not taking steroids. We actors have to take care of ourselves every minute, but that doesn’t mean we should go in the wrong way. Slowly and steadily, one can achieve a great body.

What’s the secret behind this beautiful stature?
Post delivery, I had gained oodles of weight, but all thanks to my fitness trainer who helped me get back to shape. During pregnancy, you tend to eat a lot which shows up on your body later.  My fitness mantra is simple; exercise daily and eat whatever you want to, at a moderate level.

Do you consciously diet?
Not at all… My trainer has advised me to eat every thing, but within a limit. I avoid having fried stuff, but once a week, jump on it. Basically, one needs to understand that your body needs a proper exercise to burn the calories. Either hit the gym, or take a brisk walk for at least twenty minutes daily, and see the change for yourself.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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aww shes so cute and yea she does she really have a kid

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Thanks for the Article

All the Best Mahima =^_^=

15 years ago

all the best to her on tellydom...it's not she's getting her due in bollywood!

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