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'I am glad to do some quality work here' - Zalak Thakkar

Zalak Thakkar of Saarthi fame will be seen in NDTV Imagine's upcoming show, Chand Ke Paar Chalo. Here is the actress talking about her character in the show...


Zalak Thakkar, the bubbly Bhoomi in Saarthi is back to television after a hiatus with NDTV Imagine’s passionate love saga Chand Ke Paar Chalo..

Here is the actress in conversation..

Can you tell us about your character in Chand Ke Paar Chalo?
I play the character of Anita who is full of life, a girl who speaks her mind and never feels shy of anything. She wants all around her to be happy and believes in living for the moment and wants to enjoy life the way it is.

What is different about Chand Ke Paar Chalo?
It is a very different concept, each and every scene is shot very realistically and the best part is that every character has an important role to play. The swing of emotions shown in every situation is the high point in the show.

Do you relate more to Anita or Bhoomi?
In Saarthi, I played the role of Bhoomi who was mature, a widow and mother of a 6 year old. She was a calm and composed woman while Anita is the total opposite. Anita is 98% like Zalak because I too like to live for the moment. Audience accepted me as Bhoomi and applauded my efforts, so I am pretty confident that Anita will also be recognized.
You are cast with a newcomer, Aham Sharma and Yami Gautam. How is it to work with them?
Yami has the experience of doing one show while Aham is new to the work environment. It is fun working with them, and we share a good rapport. I was also a newcomer once and I understand the mindset of Aham and try to keep him at ease.
How is it working with the production house?
I am happy that they are high on creativity and am glad to do some quality work over here.
Any other projects in the pipe line…
I am doing a film down South, the last part of which remains to be shot. Other than that, I am concentrating on Chan Ke Paar Chalo. It gets stressful if you take up more than one show at a time, so I will rather stick to my ground.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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