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'Husein is a Better Husband' - Tina

Tete-A-Tete with Tina.. on Husein, the man behind the star! Read on..

Published: Monday,Oct 29, 2007 10:38 AM GMT-06:00
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'Behind every successful man, there is a woman!' And behind a very successful Husein, there is his beautiful & charming wife, Tina!

Husein's popularity, amongst many other facets, comes from being the 'perfect pati' on screen.. Is he the 'perfect pati' in real too? Lets find out.. Continuing with our Artist Of The Month series..this week we bring to you a chit-chat with Tina, who spoke to us about 'her husband', Husein..the man behind the star! Here is, Ankita & Ekta in conversation with Tina..

At the start, we asked Tina what was she expecting from this conversation.. and this is what she had to say - "With both you maddies, I can't expect anything else but madness!" hehehe.. Okay, now to the grilling..

Anku & Eks : Well, Husein recently turned 30! Yayy! So, how did you'll celebrate his birthday?

Husein is a Better Husband - Tina
Tina : As a surprise for Husein, I decorated the entire house on 11th, and then took him out for dinner with family. When we came home around 2 a.m, he saw the living room and said 'Wow, what's this?', so I started singing 'Happy Birthday'! Then he entered the next room; there were 500 balloons on the floor and again I sang 'Happy Birthday'. Then he entered our bedroom; I had got satin bedsheets and pillow covers made. One pillow read 'Tina', one read 'Husein' and the centre one read 'Loves'..so when kept together it read 'Tina Loves Husein'. I also made a collage of our photos and funny cards we've gifted each other with small notes. He was very emotional and had tears in his eyes and said it was his best surprise till date! On the 12th, we spent the entire day together and evening had our closest friends over..

Anku & Eks : Wowww..that was a wonderful surprise! So beautiful, so romantic! In his birthday interview, Husein mentioned that he was expecting some gifts from you. Anything he demanded?

Tina : He never demands anything. He being with me, and me being with him is more than any gift. He wasn't expecting anything, and when he saw the house, he couldnt control his emotions.

Anku & Eks : Awww..so sweet! In his interview Husein also mentioned he is absent minded. Can you narrate any incident for us?

Tina : Ohh, he is very absent minded! If you tell him anything, he forgets. I'll narrate a very funny incident of the time we were dating. We were at my place together; we had to go for classes, but decided to bunk and go watch a movie instead. On our way back home, I told him not to mention anything about the movie in front of my parents. I told him this atleast a million times and he said, 'Do you think I'm mad?' When we reached home my dad asked us what time had we left; he didn't believe when I said we'd left at 2.30, coz he had reached home by 2pm. Husein, as usual added, 'No no, she is saying the truth.. coz we left at 2.30pm to watch the 3 o'clock film!' I stared at him. My dad looked at me and said 'FILM?', and I said 'No no, we went to book tickets for a film!' Later, I yelled at him so much for almost getting me killed! Uffff these absent minded boyfriend's are quite scary.. so girls, beware! hahaha..

Anku & Eks : Hahaha..that is sooo cute! Husein is anything but scary! Okay..what do you call Husein.. pyar se..

Tina : For Husein, I have lots of names - Kichimuu, Kichimuu hubby, Jaanu, Baby, Doll, Cookie, Chickoo Malai.. Actually whatever comes to my head..Monkey, Sweetie, Sweetu, Kikdi, Motu, Golu & lots lots more...

Anku & Eks : Hahaha..those names are so adorable! And you call him, Kikdi? Close..I call him Kiki & call you, Titli.. Okay, our names for Husein are - Huseini Pie, Huseini Bear, Cakie Pie, Husn, Hu, Husein the cake nose rain dear, Husein the choco cake rain bear, Husein Doll..Choco Chips also! So whats your take on such creative names..

Tina : Hmmmm..now Choco Chips is the best from the above! These names seem to be coz we caked him on his birthday and stuck gems on his nose. But you guys have been much more creative in the past. Actually I love any name you give Husein, coz I guess he deserves it! Cool ones..better than mine!

Anku & Eks : Never! You have Titli, Kali, Little Teddy, Sunshine.. Aren't they better?

Tina : No no sweetie, I meant better than the names I have given him. Your names for me are better than Husein's..

Anku & Eks : Hehe.. We have the best names for you both! Okay.. Do you think love has increased after marriage?

Tina : Yes, I do think love has increased after marriage. I know most people won't agree with this, but its about every couple and how they keep the love alive with the small things they do for each other and, when adjustments that are part of marriage, are taken in the right manner.

Anku & Eks : Thats so true..and we agree. If & when you both have a tiff..who makes up first and how?

Tina : Husein makes up, by taking me in his arms and hugging me tight.. He's a sweetie naa..

Anku & Eks : Ofcourse!! And if ever you have to pacify Husein, how would you do that?

Tina : If I had to pacify Husein, all I would need to do is, walk up to him and say, 'Sweetie, I'm sorry..please forgive me.', and he would just take me in his arms and say, 'Don't do it next time.'

Anku & Eks : Awww.. Hmmm..do you think after a fight, you love each other more?

Tina : I feel if there are no fights, there is no relationship. Fights are part and parcel of any relationship, and it definitely brings you closer..

Anku & Eks : You surprise Husein with a lot of things.. Has he surprised you with something special?

Tina : I'll agree I surprise him more, but he surprises me a lot too! He leaves lovely notes on my cupboard, on my dressing table, in my bag..sometimes even in my tiffin! They always bring a smile on my face.
Husein is a Better Husband - Tina

Anku & Eks : That is soo sweet.. definitely brought a smile on my face too! Okay, now if Husein is given a chance to spend 1 day as a free bird, as in, fultoo free, what would he do?

Tina : Hmmm.. If Husein is free he would go to the gym in the morning, then come wake me up, have breakfast and lunch with me and the family.. then get some romantic comedy films we can watch together and then in the evening go out partying with friends and come back and sleep! Simple life na?! hehe..

Anku & Eks : Simple & sweet! If Husein had to wish for 1 thing, what do you think it would be?

Tina : I think it would be to get some free time from his busy schedule, so he could travel places. As in, go for holidays/vacations..

Anku & Eks : We wish his wishes come true! Okay.. What is it about Husein that you like/dislike..his best & worst..

Tina : Best is his patience and caring nature; worst is his table manners and eating habits!

Anku & Eks : Hehe.. If Husein is a chocolate he is.. (which one)

Tina : For me, Husein would be every chocolate in the world, coz he is always sweet. Sometimes he is like bitter chocolate but still chocolate..

Anku & Eks : Does Husein like to go shopping with you?

Tina : Oh he loves to go shopping with me! Not like other guys. But most often, he doesnt have time..

Anku & Eks : So anything you pick up, is it your choice, his choice or mutual?

Tina : If he doesn't like something, I never ever pick it up. Rest it could be only his choice, but mostly mutual.

Anku & Eks : Has Husein ever done anything embarrasing..like in a public place or anything while in college? Did you'll bunk classes regularly?

Tina : No.. Husein has not done anything embarrassing that I can remember. In college, we bunked classes regularly; we used to go for films, sit by the beach, lunches, bike rides..etc..etc

Anku & Eks : What fun! Any day that you were caught bunking..

Tina : No days caught! We were too smart to get caught.. hahahaha..

Anku & Eks : Hahaha..guess we need some tips from you on 'how to never get caught bunking'! Did you both ever fall asleep in class?

Tina : No..we were too happy to be with each other and friends, so we never felt sleepy. We used to play games, write notes, joke..etc..

Anku & Eks : Uhh huhhh.. any punishments?

Tina : No..we were our teachers pets. Husein and the gang because they were into extra curricular activities, and I because I used to make them laugh a lot too.. And also because we fared well in our exams, inspite of all the masti!

Anku & Eks : Lucky you!! Well you were with Husein in the last year only.. Did you have any clue about him before that?

Tina : No..we started dating in S.Y.B.Com end. Before that, we were in the same group and used to like each other, but never told each other..

Anku & Eks : Can you elaborate a bit on this..

Tina : I knew Husein from HSC, means 12th std..then next 2 years, FYBCom (13th) and SYBCom (14th), we liked each other, had feelings for each other, but never told anyone or each other, except our one friend Satish. End of SYBCom, Satish came and told both of us about our feelings. So I always knew. Husein & I, only started dating a bit later..

Anku & Eks : Okay! Is Husein a better boyfriend or a better husband?

Tina : Better husband..

Anku & Eks : Awesomme! Mr. Perfect Pati! hehe.. Okay, anything funny that happened with you both recently? Or just with Husein..

Tina : Funny things happen all the time. I can't remember any right now..

Anku & Eks : Okay..so that makes you Mrs. Absent Minded yourself! Hahaha.. Hmmm..the song Husein sings for you? Any one that you love the most.

Tina : He sings lots of songs.. I taught him one English song, which has meaningful lyrics and I love it when he sings that song for me. Its called 'Every Woman In The World' by Air Supply..

Husein is a Better Husband - Tina
Anku & Eks : Woww! And any song you sing for him?

Tina : None in particular. I sing whatever comes to my head..

Anku & Eks : Husein as an actor, anchor and dancer. Your take on all 3..

Tina : Husein is the best in whatever he does, because he is very hard working and I'm proud of him.

Anku & Eks : We AGREEEE! Husein is truly the best!!

Okay..now a kinda rapid fire..

Husein's most valuable possession

His family

Husein's best feature

I love his eyes and smile

What can Husein cook the best

Maggi Noodles! Hahaha..

What do you cook for him that he loves?

I make Chicken - he loves anything in chicken. But I hardly cook..

His favorite cake?

Black Forest

Anku & Eks : Yummmy.. my favourite too! Ok finally..what does Husein think about his fans?

Tina : Husein thinks his fans are too cute, and spends too much time on him. He always tells me 'I hope they are not doing all these things at the cost of their studies.'

Anku & Eks : At the end, what would you like to say..

Tina : I'd just like to say, that Husein has always been a darling..a sweetheart, and he is where he is today because of all you fans, without whose support, he wouldn't be motivated enough to work as hard. So please always support him, pray for him and love him. Thank you.

Thank You Tina! That was sooo sweet.. But it all doesn't end here..atleast for us. Coz no matter what, the madness continues..

Friends, we hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Husein..up, close & personal! This truly was a wonderful insight into Husein Tina's life together.. a life so simple and sweet. Touchwood! We wish them all the happiness in the world, and may all their wishes come true. God Bless!

Reporter : Ankita & Ekta
Author : Ekta
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Sanamhira2 @Sanamhira2 10 years ago Aww.. it's doneee..?

i had fun reading it. knowing about husein i would never get tiredd.. =)
their so cute together.. wish them all the bestt. =)
awww..their couple is so cute..i love them
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salt @salt 16 years ago I think this is one of the best interviews I have ever read :) I loved this interview soooo much! Tina di you are awesomeeeeeee!
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Sehar Sheikh @Sehar_Sheikh 16 years ago wow such a cute couple. God bless them. :)
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Nosheen @Nosh007 16 years ago Aaaah thanks for posting thats was a wonderful interview
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago She is sooo nice!!I like him as a anchor better! But dont know how he is as a Hubby!!
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*4rom heaven*
Zainab @*4rom heaven* 16 years ago omg, i think dey r one of bst couples of tellywood...blees em
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Jessi @mz.jess 16 years ago gr8 job you two!

awww okay, tina is so sweet and caring!

they both are lucky to have eachother,

love husien fan forever :)
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Omg, what a sweet sweet sweet article!! Really Anku and Ekta, you guys did a fab job, it was just too sweet... love Hussain and Tina, they are one of the most sweet people in the world... thanks for the article!
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