Hrithik Roshan's gf Saba Azad joins the birthday bash of Rakesh Roshan along with other family members - PIC

Rakesh Roshan posted a delightful group picture that featured the essence of a loving family united in celebration.

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Rakesh Roshan birthday celebration

In a heartwarming celebration of his 74th birthday, legendary filmmaker Rakesh Roshan gathered with friends and family to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The birthday bash, which took place on September 6, saw the filmmaker surrounded by loved ones, including some familiar faces from the world of Bollywood.

Rakesh Roshan also gave fans a glimpse into the festivities by sharing a video from his birthday celebration. The heartwarming video featured industry stalwarts like Jeetendra Kapoor, Prem Chopra, and Shashi Ranjan, among others. 

But the birthday celebrations didn't end there. Rakesh Roshan continued to share moments from the festivities, offering fans a glimpse into his cherished family moments. He posted a delightful group picture that featured the essence of a loving family united in celebration.

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In this heartwarming snapshot, Rakesh Roshan stood at the center, ready to cut his birthday cake, surrounded by his closest family members. His wife, Pinkie Roshan, stood behind him, radiating warmth and happiness. The picture also captured the presence of Rakesh Roshan's brother, Rajesh Roshan, and his children, Pashmina Roshan, Suranika, and Eshaan Roshan.

Notably, the picture also included the young and vibrant members of the Roshan family. Hrithik Roshan's sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan, were seen on either side of Pinkie, bringing a youthful energy to the celebration. Adding to the joy, the actor's ladylove, Saba Azad, was also part of the festivities, standing behind Pashmina in the picture. In his caption, Rakesh wrote, "Thank you family for the countless memories we have made together ❤️."

As the Bollywood veteran continues to inspire the industry with his contributions to cinema, this heartwarming birthday celebration showcased the love and affection that surround him in his personal life.

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