Hrithik Barbara: a cooked up affair!

According to the latest updates, it is confirmed that the rumors of the alleged love affair entire rumor between...

According to the latest updates, it is confirmed that the rumors of the alleged love affair entire rumor between Hrithik & mexican beauty Barbara were nothing more than a publicity stunt. The Hrithik-Barbara love story has been cooked up by the Roshans in order to promote their upcoming flick KITES.

Onlookers who saw Hrithik and wife Sussanne walk the ramp at IIFA awards, say they looked like an ideal and a loving couple.

A source close to the family was present backstage at IIFA when Hrithik and Susan kissed each other before going for their ramp walk. The close friend in drunken state called aloud "Hey dont do that, it will spoil your strategy." The friend in inebrieted state revealed that 'Hrithik's relationship with Mori' rumour was apparently created by the Roshans themselves.

The person also revealed that all the statements made by the Roshans, including Susanne's statement that 'no one could break her marriage', were made by them intentionally to create the whole drama. The source let out that all the statements made by the family, including Sussanne's statement that no one could break her marriage, were calculated to keep people hanging on to every word written about the drama. Multiple mentions of Mori's name, followed by obvious denials of an affair by Hrithik and other family members, would, of course, keep the film alive in public memory.

In fact, another family friend claimed that even the recent split between another Kites starcast  Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman too hints at a publicity gimmick. "They are all part of the same strategy. Rakesh Roshan is keen to show that Kangana is single as part of the promotional plan.
But Adhyayan is reported to be saying, "I've never used my relationship to get importance in the media. Now that we have broken up, all sorts of rumours will start."

If what the close source revealed is credible enough then all we can say is We didnt expect out of the Roshan family.

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