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How will Sneha Wagh's stint end on Veera?

Sneha Wagh's track tol end soon on Veera. Read on to find out more....

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As per the recent buzz Sneha Wagh who portrays the role of Ratan, mother of Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) and Ranvir (Shivin Narang), is quitting Veera. She has been part of the show since its inception and now we hear that she is shooting her last few scenes for the show.  

Wondering how her track will end? 

We hear that there will be a bomb explosion coming up on the show. It will start with Ratan reaching the food grain storehouse and witness a bomb threat. In order to save the land and people around she will rush from there by holding the bomb in her hand. However she succeeds in saving the land but ends up sacrificing her life during the incident.

We are sure that fans are going to miss her on the show.  What say?

Aakruti Damani

Sneha Wagh Shivin Narang Digangana Suryavanshi Veera  Star Plus 

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aasighazi 5 years ago Sneha just got newly married a few months ago and I had a feeling while watching the show today that she probably didn't get the chance to spend time with the new hubby so she wants to quit. It makes sense.
But why show her running with the bomb...the smart thing would have been to bring the police and have them hear what the plan was and arrest both that Tai ji and that fool on the spot!
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khan_ 5 years ago
Oh my god
whats the hell in the show
veera rocksss
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RosyRosh 5 years ago Bravery self sacrifice or stupidity... Cant decide. Writers will think of anything.
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divyasn 5 years ago Ratan was such a bold character and inspiration preleap ... will surely miss the character and Sneha the awesome actress
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Vartika07 5 years ago Luvd Sneha as Ratan!!!!!!!!! This end is not good for me of her role.
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Raadhni 5 years ago It will be a very emotional scene...surely her character will be missed.
One thing l don't understand is why kill a character when he or she is quitting the show...that's emotional atyachaar of the audiences.
Now Ratan out of way and no sign of chaiji Gunjan will surely over rule Ranvir ,obviously helped by Bansuri...Veers won't have any say in the mayeka.
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.Vrish. 5 years ago So she'll end up as mahaan in this serial as she was in Jyoti?
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nmteddy 5 years ago Why not just end the show? It makes so much more sense.
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MrDarcyfan 5 years ago Sneha was great as Ratan. A strong character and very consistent performer. I loved her character Ratan and one of the things that attracted me to the show! It's a shame they never did enough justice to her character and show the love story between her and Nihal reach its rightful conclusion. The show won't be the same without her. She will be surely missed!

Good luck Sneha! All the best with any future projects! You rocked as Ratan! A heroic end to a heroic women! Sad but at least she gets to die as a hero. Small comfort though!2015-06-16 23:31:51
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sam_sf 5 years ago Bomb explosion :O
she will run wit d bomb & sacrifice her own life :0 :/
rona dhona on d way.. will surely avoid it (:
Anyways sneha wagh is a good actress.. will miss her2015-06-16 13:08:23
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