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House mates change for the 'good'...

Inmates of Bigg Boss have shown a change in personality to remain connected in the show. Read on...

Published: Thursday,Sep 11, 2008 14:56 PM GMT-06:00
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The experience in the Bigg Boss house where the house mates are under a constant vigil for all the 24 hours with their actions closely monitored by the 32 cameras placed in the house is simply unique, for the matter of fact that it transforms individuals from within!! 

House mates change for the good...
Few of the housemates here have shown behavioral changes for the good and one common reason noticed for this transformation is the fear of getting evicted!!

Take the case of ‘Silent Spectator’ Raja Choudhury, who seemed to be very quiet when he entered the house!! But once he got nominated for eviction in the very first week, he changed his mindset and started to get involved with all the housemates; and true to his name, he got selected as the ‘Sarkaar’, and there is no looking back for the man till date..

Next in line was Monica Bedi who got evicted last week! Monica started her Bigg Boss journey as a keen observer, who shied away from opening up, and got along with only a few in the house like Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Vijan. But things changed once she was listed for eviction, and she started mingling with one and all, of course showed her true colors too!!

Now is the turn of the ‘Ara Ra’ lady Ketki Dave who is trying her best to cover up and stick to her ground after being nominated for eviction this week. In total form, Ketki is at the heights of being crazy as she points fingers at Ashutosh and calls him a bad principal. According to her, he misbehaves with all the students of school and doesn’t listen to the teachers. Well, if this was not enough, Ketki also accuses him of eve teasing the girl students. 

Well, hope these behavioral changes seen in the house mates up the TRPs too!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair
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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago Oh gosh,....the poor father n mother ,what a sad plight to lose his son.....!

My condolences to the family...!

May his soul rest in peace!
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sweet_angel27 @sweet_angel27 15 years ago cool,I haven't seen this at all for a couple of days.
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Karan @phadukaran 15 years ago i liked the past three days episode. it was so much funny, esp. sambhavna and her school dress...
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yipee @yipee 15 years ago last time contestants were much more fun
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