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Hot Favorites: Narayani Shastri

Pasand Apni Apni is a weekly rapid fire column where you can find out some unique favorites about some of the most popular Television Stars.


By: Srividya Rajesh

From her negative role of Tashu in Kkusum to her double roles in Piya Ka Ghar, this lady has proved her versitality through experimenting with different genres on Indian Television. Recently we saw her daring attitude in Nach Baliye 2 with her partner Gaurav Chopra as both created a bang with their tremendous performances.

We put Narayani Shastri on the hot seat today to find out her favorites in this week's Pasand Apni Apni!

Favorite Alphabet Letter: A

Favorite Nail Polish Color: Natural

Favorite accessory: Diamond studded earring

Favorite Movie Dialogue: Tumara Naam Kya hai basanti

Favorite Word:Awesome

Favorite Insect: Ant, Butterfly

Favorite Perfume: Isse Miyake and Dune

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I dont like icecreams at all..

Favorite Make Up Brand: Mac

Favorite Chocolate: I dont eat chocolates.

Now Narayani has quite exceptional taste doesn't she - ants, butterflies and Basanti. Where else can you find such unique combinations? Stay tuned as next week we bring to you another one of your favorite celebrities and if you have any one special in mind that you want to see featured, feel free to post your requests. Aapki pasand will definetely feature on Pasand Apni Apni!!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Writer: PM Sree
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l0vey 2008-06-06T18:45:39Z lol she probably is on a diet. who can resist chocolates!
~Brown.G~ 2007-07-24T23:43:12Z thanks
i simply love her
greatt tv serial actress
4pdclass 2007-07-24T03:58:51Z wow no chocolate or ice cream!! i think it is a new diet!!
*Reemz* 2007-06-10T05:24:11Z Narayani you are AWESOME :D I love your acting so much. Haila..she doesn't like chocolate or ice cream! wow.
anishma24 2007-06-02T13:33:21Z thannk yaar really appreciate your hard work!
Qnz_diva 2007-05-13T17:03:02Z she is ok. how can she not like the most addictive thing, chocolate??
Ms. Bholi Bhali
Ms. Bholi Bhali 2007-05-08T22:47:10Z oh wow, i like her as an actress!!!

but but how can she not like ice cream and chocolate!!??!?! [:o]

Great Report Sree di!!!
medzs 2007-05-07T17:46:16Z i have seen nayarani act in koi aap na sa, as shruti and in pyar khar gyar as rimjhim and she was excellent in both show, i have never she her in a negative role, and i wuoldn't because she act positive role really well all the best
umi82990 2007-05-07T08:59:12Z wow...great article. i really love her and nice to know a little more about her!!
buttercup 2007-05-05T09:12:50Z hehehe she likes ants..ants annoy me so much..coz they r too tiny..lol..

great article sreeeee ;) (mommy)
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