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Hooda is Back!!!

Vikas Manaktala, very popularly known as Hooda of SAB's Left Right Left is back in action!!The dashing actor will now be seen in Ekta's reality show in 9X Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket...

Published: Saturday,Jun 28, 2008 14:25 PM GMT-06:00
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Vikas Manaktala aka Hooda of Left Right Left is back in action after a eight month gap. This good looking dude is now part of Ekta's new reality show Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket which will be aired from 6th July on 9X. Vikas and few other celebrities along with ordinary people will vie for a golden opportunity to act in a multi-starrer Bollywood blockbuster, jointly produced by Balaji Telefilms Ltd and Popcorn Entertainment.

Hooda is Back!!!
Remind him of Left Right Left and Vikas's face falls. “It was a very bad experience. Thanks to my contract I could not work outside and neither did they give me any role. One thing I have learnt is to never ever to sign a contract without getting it checked by a lawyer. I went on good will and paid a big price. In hindsight it would have been better that I had not done LRL at all”.

Vikas expresses that he got a big relief when he at last got the freedom to work outside DJ. So what did he do during the break? “I worked on my body and acting so that I can return with a bang”, quips the actor.

Coming to his new reality show, Vikas says he is getting butterflies in his stomach but is equally excited as well. “Acting and dancing together is a unique format in itself. I love both the crafts equally. And further I want to be known as an actor who can emote different genres as well”, says Vikas.

Talking about the format of the show, he quotes, “In every round, we will have to enact a theme, at the end of which we break into dance as well. The acting sequence will be recorded and shown during the episode while the dance is what will be shot live”. When asked about the challenge of working with newcomers, Vikas opines, “Even I was a fresher sometime back. But yes I will bring my knowledge and experience to help them”.

Vikas who will represent the North Zone will be dancing on the very popular number from Dus in the introductory episode. This reality show with a difference will start with the elimination process after three weeks of inception.

Lastly, when asked whether his Casanova image will be carried forward in the reality show, Vikas quips, “It will be just work. I have already been unnecessarily linked with my co-stars before, so I don’t want more trouble”.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Monica Shah @souljaboy12 15 years ago wow im so happi itz about time he get regonised for his acting god
in awarapan he was mindblowing
people need to realise hez not jus a one hit wonder and forget about him calling him a smoocher
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chunto @chunto 15 years ago Vikas (Hooda), may be doing lrl was a bad experience for u but it was a good experience for those who liked the concept of the show.
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Sarika @-Saru- 15 years ago Wow,viky is back,i am so excited abt the show.I wish he wins the show.All the best to him.U will surely rock viky,u r fans wishes r with u.
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Ani @bravehearted 15 years ago Welcome back Vikas!!!!! you simply rock.
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Uudee @Uudee 15 years ago congratulationssssssssss
Apne Hoodagiri se sabka dil phir se jeet lega Hooooddda
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Priana @Priana 15 years ago good good i am so happy he's back.uski acting humein bahot pasand thi jab last mein woh dikha nahin tha tab hum thode se naaraaz hue the uska yun bolna jai jawaan to jai kisan,foolan....happy very happy
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Silence @SecretKhabri420 15 years ago Thanks alots for the article, I wish Vikas all the best INSHALLAH :-)
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antara............ @vikynme 15 years ago hey hnx 4 d info...cant blive viky is bak on tv...after sooo many days...
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Super Kool
Suvarna @Super Kool 15 years ago ohhhh god!!!!!! Again arguement!!!

Neways.All the best to HUDA!!!!! Hope he does well.
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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago @luv_huda - unfortunately, u seem to be mistaken,coz I do NOT take any eager your FC...LOL..I have 6 Rajeev FC's to take interest in !!..And i do NOT have an issue with u discussing whoever u want in your FC,its ur choice .....I m not concerned !
Secondly, Im not bashing vikas....I just commented on his comment, and i think I have a right to voice my opinion,since LRL is a show i used to love at a point of time....Hope you agree!!

And lastly, I agreed with kavi that we should leave the issue here...and have refrained from posting a reply to kavi....I do not understand why you are again broaching the topic !Just forget it !Issue closed!
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