Hiten - Shweta to return in Jasuben

Hiten Tejwani and Shweta Keswani will make a comeback to Jasuben!! And as the show moves to the weekend slot, the story track will see some changes...

For all the fans of Hiten Tejwani, its time to celebrate as the actor will make a comeback on NDTV Imagine’s Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family. Also re-entering the show will be Shweta Keswani who played Lucky, and the story will focus on their love track.

Confirming the news Co-Producer Aatish Kapadia states, “We are planning to bring Hiten and Shweta back, and after few episodes we will show their love track in the show.”

Hiten will have his task cut out as he will enter Kumkum soon as the parallel lead. We called up the actor to know about it. “Well till now nothing has been informed to me. However, I would love to come back if time permits,” he quips.

Talking about the change in story track Aatish speaks, “Now that we will be shifting to the weekend slot from January 23rd, the track will see some changes. We will focus on social issues like children hating the very thought of studying, while their mothers keep pondering over their studies and future. The manner in which they tackle the pressure, the ups and downs in relationships etc will be addressed”.

“Now there will be no rona-dhona in the show. We will tackle these social issues in a very light manner which will bring to the fore the humor element in the serial.,” concludes Mr. Kapadia.

So viewers, get set to see something new in Jasuben family.

Watch Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family now from Friday to Sunday at 9 PM starting January 23rd, on NDTV Imagine..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Hiten Tejwani

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Comments (13)

I think Hiten and Shweta will make a great pair!!!!

15 years ago

umm is dis sweta keswani da gal n da picture above?if so i dnt think she suits our hitu at all..
oh well i jst want gauri opposite him..dats da bottom line.. n hope da production house uses the brain a bit n bring gaur opposite him rather than any1 else..

15 years ago

i want to see hiten only and only opposite gauri.

15 years ago

oyeee i want Gauri to come with him:)
shweta is a gr8 actress....bt plz i want my Gauri with Hitzzzzzzzz...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
muaah to my Hitz...he is the bestest:)

15 years ago

hiten is everywhere .,btu tis better in jussuben they shoudl brign gauri too ..........as i dotn like sweta keswani soo its totally msi mismatch...........lets c bc in that serial his entry is nto yet confirm .......

15 years ago

ooh hes coming in kumkum! i did not knw tht! and on NDTV! gd luck to him!

15 years ago

I always wanted Gauri to be opposite hiten but since they are together in NB and kumkum its ok if he acts with heroines too but I dont want shweta keswani opposite him yaar for a sec I was so excited that it was shweta tiwari only to be dissapointed..............
Anywayss Im very happy that Hiten is so much in demand after kyunki he seems to be in every big production house''s list rock on HITEN!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

man it''s again a gr8 news. mine hitu is rocking.... he on demand man....mauhah. luv him

15 years ago

i also want gauri opposite to hiten please come gauri with hiten please please please please

15 years ago

i wanted gauri opposite hiten their chemistry rocks no offence but i dont like sweta

15 years ago

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