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Hiten and Khemi elope and get married in Bandini..

NDTV Imagine's Bandini will see a major twist with the love-birds Hiten and Khemi finally deciding to elope and get married..

Published: Friday,Jul 17, 2009 11:16 AM GMT-06:00
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The interesting story plots in NDTV Imagine's Bandini have kept the audience glued to the show, so much so that the ratings have seen an increase in the last few weeks.

Hiten and Khemi elope and get married in Bandini..
The love track of Hiten Mahiavanshi (Mrunal Jain) and Khemi (Leena Jhumani) has reached its climax as Khemi, Santo's sister is now getting married to Shambu, servant in the abode of Dharamraj Mahavanshi (Ronit Roy).

According to our source, "Hiten and Khemi have been silent till now, and have kept their love life hidden. Though Santo knows about them being in love, she keeps this secret to herself. But just before the marriage, Hiten and Khemi confide in Shambu, about their love and assume that his refusal to marry Khemi will in turn pave the way for their marriage. But with Shambu turning up as the Dulha even after hearing this, the duo has no other option left but to elope and seek a life for themselves".

This will be a very big twist in the tale. "Khemi and Hiten elope and get married in a temple without the knowledge of their family", informs our source.

The marriage sequences are being shot back-to-back, and the runaway sequence followed by the wedding of the much-in-love couple will be aired tonight.

Says our source, "Incidentally, yesterday happened to be the birthday of Leena Jhumani aka Khemi on whom the track is being focused. The unit organized a low profile cake cutting ceremony where they had a gala time, and then were quickly back to shooting the very important scenes in the show". 

We tried contacting Leena Jhumani as well as Mrunal Jain, but they were unavailable for comments.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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nive12 @nive12 13 years ago the serial is very slow and santu's crying is needing needing and so please try to stop santu's crying or please finished this story
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Teeya @Teeya 14 years ago but.... they.... r.... i think.... bhai bahen right?
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Piyush Ingale @Piyush27 14 years ago Hey! Mrunal ur love is real so i think u will marry with khemi.
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rajeeta @bruna 14 years ago ekta ke paas dimag hai bhi ya nahin yah phir failure ki vajah se fail ho gaya hai jo rishton ki samajh nahin rahi khemi to mujhe bilkul ashi nahin lagti aisa rishta pehli baar dekhenge ki choti behan saas aur jeeja sasur
very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
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ShamrozSays @ShamrozSays 14 years ago Ah hiten is so cute...!!and at last they got married
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Preeti @-Preeti- 14 years ago finally
am happy for khemi and hiten, they made a pair
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Maryam @x.rani.x 14 years ago lolz....they got the wrong title in the picture, its from bandini not Woh rehne waali meholn ki!

EEWWW disgusting since it ruins all realtionships .....wut da hell the older sister is now the daughter of the younger sister .....creatives are not seriously ok in the head. This is just disgusting!
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Faz @maybe-just 14 years ago thank god, I've been waiting for them to be together like forever, finally! yes :D
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BoredNCynical @BoredNCynical 14 years ago I am getting more and more irritated with this track. I was not sure how to feel about their pairing in the beginning because of their relationship due to Santo and DM but decided to W & W.

But the way it has been handled and the way they butchered Hiten's character and khemi's too ( the deliberate malicious way she got Santo in trouble by not mentioning that it is Hiten's bride necklance and then her total complacent reaction to Santo's fright on finding out this, totally turned me off; she actually gave a smirk first; yuck;only after santo left saying that she will take her punishment she showed this look of doubt whether she has done right.)

I shudder to think I may have to watch these two continuously together on the show behaving like this.
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* ~ Roshni ~ *
Roshni @* ~ Roshni ~ * 14 years ago Yes!!! finally something good is happening for them lol. Love their jodi
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