Hina Khan turns a year older..

Hina Khan of Yeh Rishta celebrated her birthday with her unit members, family and friends...

Hina Khan aka Akshara of Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai turned a year old yesterday.

She celebrated her birthday with the unit members first and later with her family. "I cut a cake with my unit members in the morning. Later, I enjoyed my day with family and friends".

On the gifts she got on the D-day, Hina states, "My father gifted me a huge teddy bear, which was very sweet. My friend gave me a D Damas pendant which is very precious to me".

Hina loves to keep her gifts safely. "I have with me even today, the Barbie doll that my father gifted when I was in the 2nd standard".

We wish Hina a belated Happy Birthday..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (36)

Happy. B!rth Day H!NA KHAN.....God Bless You

14 years ago

Happy Birthday Hina!! May U live many moe... =P

14 years ago

We need a video interview of Hina just like the one they had for karan!

14 years ago

a very happy bday to hina!!!!!!!!! u are luking beautifull may allah bless u

14 years ago

yes we need a video interview just like the one they had for karan!

14 years ago

happy birthday hina!!!!!!!!!!! luking gorgeous

14 years ago

Lathika4u- she's 22..... she is born on October 2 1987

14 years ago

C'mon get us a video interview...we all love her a lot and enjoy watching her videos.

14 years ago

Can we have a video interview pls??? Hina has so many fans on IF.

14 years ago

belated happy bday 2 her ........
god bless u n hope u hv a bright future ..........

14 years ago

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