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Himani Kapoor gets flak from Farah Khan..

More drama on the sets of Star Plus show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar as Farah Khan accuses Himani Kapoor of influencing the CHAMPIONS' votes in her favor or against her as per her own whims and fancies.

Published: Wednesday,May 28, 2008 20:29 PM GMT-06:00
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Himani Kapoor, who recently entered the Champions league in Star Plus’ reality show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar has been at the receiving end from judge Farah Khan.

Himani Kapoor gets flak from Farah Khan..
The buzz from the sets of the reality show is that Himani, who had been performing flawlessly for the last few weeks, wanted to get into the Champions league according to her own whims and fancies. Two weeks back, when the Champions were to sing for the Comedy round, Himani had clearly told her Champion mates not to vote for her as she thought she was not fit enough to sing a comic song. However, regardless of a mediocre performance last week, Himani convinced the Champions to vote for her, and ultimately made it to the Champions side much to the disappointment of the deserving candidate Amey Date.

Well, Farah Khan, being a tough nut to crack, left no stone unturned and snubbed Himani for influencing her mates to vote for or against her, as per her wish. In her defense, a teary-eyed Himani defended herself and said that all her actions had been misunderstood by Farah.

When Telly Buzz talked to Himani to get to know more about this matter, the singer argues, “There is nothing that I have manipulated. Before the Comedy round, Abhijit Sawant came up to me and asked me whether I was all set to render a comic song and move into the Champions side today, to which I replied I don't think I will perform well, as girls generally do not do well in comedy rounds. I added saying, I do not wish to join Champions league today. In this very episode, the champions chose Amit Sana to enter their league. In the next episode, when they had to choose between Amey Date who had entered just weeks before and me, the Champions thought that I had been giving consistent performances from the beginning and so chose me. So what is wrong with their thought process?” When asked about the flak that she received from Farah, Himani says, “Farah felt that I was playing games with the Champions and misunderstood me. If I had gone on to explain my position, then she might have thought that I am justifying myself. So I did not argue much”.

Talking about her future in the reality show, Himani says, “I am 99% sure that I will get eliminated this week. But I know that I have done nothing wrong and that God is watching my actions. So I will rather concentrate on my singing and not worry about anything else”.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Dark Love
Madiha @Dark Love 15 years ago Sounds like a must-watch thing! Can't wait to watch it...
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shaikhfm2 @shaikhfm2 15 years ago she deserves. Why such drama man she doesn't even need to ask her collegues to vote for her or not. Its up to them . Hemani is in wrong show, she shouldn't be in singing show she should be in drama show.
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shivali @leal_shelly 15 years ago himani is absolutely rite. god is watching her. and gud she got out coz she needs a better stage where there are gud ppl to judge(pointing farah)
naari hi naari ki sabse badi dushman hoti hai....i have enuff guts to say this being a female.
if a woman enters a happy family, the happiness vanishes soon.

she has problem with evry female on the show except prajakta(coz she is since II1? dont knw) but has been dominating to all rest....specially to himani which was totally unfair....u are sitting there to comment on their singin not their chracters...
and if u all notice she is the only girl with a perfect soul....which absolutely comes out in her singing....i say this with 10,000% no doubts...
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afreen @-Afreen- 15 years ago awww thts bad...i like her alot, as in she is very bubbly nd sweet nd her singing is g0od too but its kinda wrong of her to tell her fella contestants to not vote for her..i mean its deir decision, dey get to decide, nd i personally thnk tht amey date was a more deserved contestant..but neways..thnkxx
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sonia bajwa
sonia bajwa @sonia bajwa 15 years ago I have a question why champions were listening to Himani.Any body has clue about who is out this week?Himani or IShmeet?
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Deepa @dips_sweety 15 years ago I personally like Himani a lot and also shes a very good singer, but somehw she is going thru a bad time now.Also what she has done this time is wrong & abhijit also shud not have asked her whether she is willing to come or not.This is not a show.Its only high drama
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Rabia @SuhanaSafar 15 years ago I don't watch the show, so I'm not sure what the situation was. But based on the tiny clip I saw, I really didn't like Himani saying the she was perhaps the ONLY one with a saaf dil. It seemed a bit arrogant and disrespectful. I'm not sure if she has been playing games or not though.
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t196045 15 years ago This content is hidden.
subarns @subarns 15 years ago himani has been playing games n that is evident.....she deserves to be eliminated.....coz she is not a sport.....
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kiti_g @kiti_g 15 years ago is there more of this drama coming in this weekend too? i thot we left it behind last weekend! the drama factor has become too much now and has even left GS dramas behind!
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