Hijack Music Review: An Album Which Does Not Impress!

Check out the music review of Shiney Ahuja and Esha Deol's upcoming film Hijack!

"An album which does not impress"~Hijack Music Review

Hijack see Shiney Ahuja for the first time in an action oriented film! The music has been composed by Justin-Uday while the lyrics are by Kumaar.

The first track of the film is ‘Aksar’, which is a romantic song by K.K. A nice soundtrack as the melodious guitar tunes give the song a slow rock feel. No wonder this song has four versions in the album! The best is “Aksar Unplugged” in the voice of Shaan. The lyrics are the same but as the singer changes you can feel the difference. This song is the lengthiest in the album; it is 7 minutes in duration and is a delightful composition. A very soothing and relaxing number from the starting to the end, the loud instrument is replaced by soft and melodious tunes. This song is followed by “Aksar Sad” also sung by Shaan in an impressively emotional tone, which lasts for just about a minute. This song is worth a try. The next is “Aksar Remix”, the remixed version for parties and discos, which is nothing great and it can be skipped.

The next song is “Dekh Dekh” is quite a loud number and very disappointing after “Aksar”. It is a dance track which lacks uniqueness and even the lyrics are not sogreat. The “Dekh Dekh Club Remix” sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Suraj Jagan and Joi might do well at night clubs.

The next soundtrack is “Koi Na Jaane’” sung by Shilpa Rao, which has disappointing lyrics that lack freshness! It is a song about a person remembering God when in trouble with some Arabic tunes but ovearall the song falls flat and is not something one can hear over and over again!

The last song in the album is “Hijack Theme” sung by Suraj Jagan and Uday. The song is fairly enjoyable with alot of drums and guitars in the background. These days a minimum of one Higlish soundtrack is necessary in a album, so here is a not so impressive attempt at such a song!

Overall Hijack is quite a disappointing album as the ingredients are just not right! From the lyrics to the composition, most songs fall flat! The only song worth listening to more than once on the album is Aksar Unplugged! The album will not have many takers and will be soon forgotten....

1 Chilly out of 5. No good music, unoriginal lyrics and an album that can not be heard more than once!

Courtesy: Bolly Curry

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