Here's why Vandana Pathak could NOT play Jayshree in 'Khichdi' initially!

Also, the actress revealed about her nervousness on being on the sets of Khichdi and playing Jayshree after a hiatus.

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The funny bones are all set to be tickled real soon, as Star Plus brings back one of the most loved shows of all time, Khichdi on the small screen again, and we certainly cannot contain our excitement.

However, what has been the most endearing thing about Khichdi is how the original principal cast of the show is retained and we don't have to see any 'replacements.'

And we say this purely because, we saw actress, Vandana Pathak being replaced as Jayshree, when the makers made Khichdi: The Movie, where Nimisha Vakharia played the role then.

Now that Vandana is back as Jayshree, we asked her as to why she couldn't play Jayshree back when the movie was made. To this, she said, "I was busy with a play at that time, which was doing wonders and was a massive hit. There was a time, where we had to do over 30 shows a month and travel to different places for the same. J D Majethia and myself tried our level best from our ends to work things out, but it just wouldn't be possible. However, now I am back with Khichdi and I couldn't have been happier."

We asked her, if she had any nervousness about playing Jayshree again, to which she said, "Absolutely. I was very nervous on the first day of shoot, as I was going to play Jayshree after a hiatus. When I arrived on the sets on the first day, I was extremely happy, but wondering if I could be the quintessential Jayshree again. That's when Aatish Kapadia told me to change into the costume of Jayshree and check if I am having the same feeling. But once, I changed into my costume and make-up and when I came on the sets, I swear I was Jayshree immediately. All the other thoughts then faded away."

Not that we ever doubted Vandana's prowess, but it is amazing to know how the actress was back to being Jayshree again.

By the way, this time around, with changing times, Jayshree is also a little advanced when it comes to technology. We now will be seeing her with a bluetooth headset instead of a cordless phone!

Bhagwan Bhagwan! Are you looking forward to seeing Vandana Pathak aka Jayshree in the show? Let us know in the comments below...

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Looking forward to seeing Khichdi again! :)

#JayashreeChai Laati Hai Yaan Bahar Se Mangwaaon.

Nostalgia hits!

5 years ago

Salman Khan ..keep rocking


9 years ago

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