Here's how this TV character is now a part of the HISTORY books!

And the actress playing it initially couldn't stop appreciating it...


All the FIR fans out there certainly do miss actress Kavita Kaushik playing the formidable Chandramukhi Chautala in Sab TV's long runner, F.I.R. The show went on to become one of the longest-running shows in Indian TV history and it was Kavita who made the character of Inspector Chautala truly iconic.

And talking about iconic, the character and the show have become a lot more iconic than they ever were, for sure. At the IPS (Indian Police Service) office canteen, an artist thought of the idea of painting and cartooning some of the most famous and loved police characters portrayed by stalwart actors as a stress buster.

And while you can spot the likes of Hema Malini, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, and Shashi Kapoor, there was only one TB character and actor, and that was none other than that of Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala.

Yes! That's right. Kavita as Chandramukhi was painted on one of the walls amongst all the other artworks and this obviously caught the actress' notice.

She was left humbled and grateful to infinite bounds as she expressed the same-
Truly, Inspector Chautala was and is as memorable as it gets!
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Asmaara 2018-11-21T11:42:07Z used to love the show, one of the best of that time.
Shaina_b 2018-11-21T09:02:51Z She was fabulous!!!!

Great to see her here!!!

Octothorpe 2018-11-21T08:18:05Z F.I.R was one iconic show!
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