Here’s how Shivangi Khedkar wished Sai Ketan Rao for ‘Chashni’

Shivangi had a few motivating words for Sai Ketan Rao and his new show ‘Chasni’.

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Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar

Star Plus is all set to bring a new show titled ‘Chashni’. The story of the show is based on two sisters who turn out to become saas-bahu. Studded with twists and turns, the show grantees nothing but entertainment.

The promo depicts the tale of two sisters who go through an emotional rollercoaster. Amandeep Sidhu who essays the role of Roshni, is a fire fighter in the show, whereas Chandni (Shrishti Singh) is a rebel. One incident alters their entire world, their equation and relationship. 

 Sai Ketan Rao plays the male lead of the show while Sumit Sachdeva will essay the role of Sai’s father and Roshni’s husband.

In a candid chat with Sai Ketan Rao, we at India Forums asked him about his recent meeting with good friend and previous co-actress Shivangi Khedkar and asked him about her wishes for his new show. He said, “Well, she just wished me luck and asked me to give my 100 percent just like how I gave my all to my character of Raghav Rao from ‘Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali’. She told me that I should work hard and leave the rest on the Almighty.”

We also asked him if it bothered him to be missing from the first promo, posters and his thoughts on being a part of the female protagonist-dominated show. He said, “Well, I received mixed responses from the fans. Few were happy to see me in one of the promos while others were upset. I believe, the show has a lot of scope of performance for me. As an actor, I keep full faith in the makers and channel. Unfortunately, television is a medium where the story of the show changes every week because of the TRPs. It is a sad state but we have to accept it”.

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Comments (9)

No dear no news about shivangi's next project as of now.i miss her onscreen too and miss my old forum days

1 years ago

LOL- I bet the story will be anything but chashni sweet. Sisters pitting against each other is so ‘new’ indeed 😂. Damn, I had wanted Sai Ketan to be cast as the antagonist against Fahmaan in Imlie post Aditya’s exit but what did we get 🙄. Oh well. Anyway, wish everyone involved in the new show the best.

1 years ago

In female oriented drama… ML has nothing much to do.. just stand & give support to FL.. & after a while they will leave the show as there won’t be much for them to do…

1 years ago

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