Here’s everything you need to know about the tentative track of Jennifer Winget’s upcoming show for Sony

India Forums has exclusively learnt sone major developments on Jennifer Winget’s upcoming show for Sony TV.

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Jennifer Winget

One of the most popular faces on television, Jennifer Winget is reportedly all set to make a come back on television. Reports suggest that the actress will soon be back on television with Sony TV’s upcoming show. Reports also suggest that the show is going to be a big budget show too.

Well, India Forume has learnt some exclusive developments on the show. From what our sources close to the show tell us, the show and its story are still in the nascent stages. However, talking about the tentative story line of the show, our source informs, “The story of the show is will revolve around 2 individuals who are married to their respective partners, yet however, they fall in love with each other outside their respective marriages because of the communication gap in their marriage. The story will be a mature love story and the search for the final cast of the show is still in the pipeline.”

From what we know, the show will be a finite series and will run for not more than a 100 episodes, Infact, our source informs that the number of episodes can be even lesser than 100 episodes. While things are still in the nascent stages, there are possibilities that the show can replace Megha Ray starrer Sapnon Ki Chhalaang after it goes off air in a few months.

However, we await more clarity and official confirmation on this news. 

If things work out, Jennifer will be returning to Television after a brief break. 

Are you excited to watch Jennifer  In an all new avatar? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jennifer Winget

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So Jenny is reliving the bepannah time but this time she is Puja rather than Zoya🤣🤣 Zoya anyways was very intrested in making Aditya as culprit rather than Puja😅😅

8 months ago

Was Jennifer a part of a similar story called beppanah ...looks it's an old wine new bottle

8 months ago

Mature love story?? Yeah, right

8 months ago

It has become a trend ....wrongs are becoming rights and normal ....and rights are considered wrongs ...twisting young people into immorality....why produce such disgusting concepts

8 months ago

Finite series? Sure please !

8 months ago

nope. that's called cheating. If you want to look for love outside your marriage then seek divorce first

8 months ago

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8 months ago

Based on Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna?

8 months ago

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