Here is what the audience can expect from the upcoming episodes of the Star Plus Show Udne Ki Aasha

Kanwar Dhillon, aka Sachin, opines about the upcoming twists and turns and much more. Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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Star Plus has stepped into unexplored territory. Star Plus is here with Udne Ki Aasha for its audience, starring Kanwar Dhillon (Sachin) and Neha Harsora (Sailee). Udne Ki Aasha depicts the tale of Sachin and Sailee and also the intricacies of the relationships and equations.

Set against a Marathi backdrop, Star Plus shows that Udne Ki Aasha is going to depict a wife's roadblock in the form of a non-cooperative husband and her challenge to make him transform for the sake of her and the family's progress. Kanwar Dhillon, who is a taxi driver and earns his livelihood with it, essays the character of Sachin, while on the other hand, Neha Harsora portrays the role of Sailee, a florist who dabbles in various small businesses and makes a living out of her other chores, in the show Udne Ki Aasha. The audience will get to witness the emotional turmoil of Sailee as she gets to know the truth about her marriage, and the mystery behind 27 lakh is also revealed in front of Sailee. This reality, in turn, breaks her and shatters her world. The viewers will also get to watch how Sachin tackles the situation. The truth behind Sachin and Sailee's wedding is revealed in front of Sachin, which makes him aggressive and agitated. 

Sachin will be seen as not happy with Tejas coming back home and also makes it clear to Sailee that he has married her just for Baba. The upcoming track of the show Udne Ki Aasha is to be filled with high-voltage drama and major twists and turns for the audience. It will be intriguing to witness what drama will unfold in the lives of Sachin and Sailee. 

While talking about the same, Kanwar Dhillon, aka Sachin, said, "The audience can expect a lot of twists and turns in the show, marking a significant turning point. Sachin is unhappy with Tejas being back home and has given Tejas an ultimatum to return the money and blames him for his troubles due to his marriage to Sailee, he is also adamant about his disapproval of the marriage. He also made it clear that he was married to her just because of Baba. It certainly adds more to Sailee's emotions. It will be a beautiful transition for the audience to witness the dynamics between both characters."