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Catch Hemachandra live, talking on his journey as a singer and revealing some of the unveiled secrets!!


Hemachandra, the second runner-up of Saregamapa Challenge 2005 has just now released his exclusive album and is preparing for the second. Also nicknamed 'Hot and Handsome', this Hyderabadi is one of the budding singers in both Bollywood and Tollywood industry. He has many ardent fans all over the world who wish to interact and ask questions to him. India-Forums gave these fans an opportunity to ask questions and pass on their best wishes to him. We had an exclusive interview with him where he revealed some of the secrets which has never been told and talked about, his journey as a singer as well as his future plans.

Catch him live replying to your own questions… Here is a small sample of what to expect in the Radio Interview.

How did you hold your breathe for so long in Nahi Samne?

It is one of my favorite songs and I fought to get this song, but never got time for preparation. I was not confident of myself when I started the song, but after few lines, some power came inside me, which made me complete the song.

What is one thing you want to change in life?

I don’t want to change my life, but myself. I am very careless in driving my car while listening to music. I forget myself while listening to music because of which I must be very careful.

What do you think of remixes?

Looking in the positive way, people in this new generation, born outside India, don’t know about the old songs and don’t get an opportunity to hear them. So, remixes are the best way to promote the old songs. Personally I feel they are just music and I am a big fan of any music. So, I like remixes too.

If you choose three words to describe you, what would that be?

Good, Naughty and Serious.

To know the answers to all other questions and listen to Hemachandra himself, as he treats his fans with various songs in his sweet voice, do not forget to tune into IF Radio on Wednesday, 5th March at 10 PM IST.

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amukta 12 years ago This is the best news and I am so elated and I hope this will be a sweet interview.
sumonetolub 12 years ago damn how weird..... i have the same problem as him when driving......its not a good thing but its funny that we have the same habit......naina
rushvi99 12 years ago Wow where has he been?? Will try and tune in. Thanks for the article
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knkanita 12 years ago Hemachandra & Nihira are examples of the REAL WINNERS than chosen in the competition.
togepe30 12 years ago He's cute .......But how can he be naughty and serious at the same time......hehehe!
Too_Much 12 years ago they way he is talking.. lagta hai
Chotu kaafi bada hogaya
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