Harshad Chopra to play Arjun in Ekta's Kahaani Humaaray Mahabharat Ki

Ekta Kapoor's Mahabharat, 'Kahaani Humaaray Mahabharat Ki' will see the chocolate boy Harshad Chopra playing Arjun...

Ekta Kapoor has finally given her Mahabharat an apt title and of course, a title that goes with the K-factor, Kahaani Humaaray Mahabharat Ki. Rechristened after getting words of advice from the very popular Sanjay B. Jumaani and Sunita Menon, the epic coming from Ekta’s blocks now looks all set to create waves.

Well, coming back to the ‘Who’s in ,who’s out’ when it comes to the casting, it looks like the newcomer and the blue-eyed boy Harshad Chopra has eventually walked away with the cake when it comes to playing the very pivotal character of Arjun. For the uninitiated, the buzz was that the role of Arjun was to be either played by Ekta loyalists, Shabbir Ahluwalia or Karan Patel.

Presently seen playing the role of Prem in Ekta’s Kis Des Mein Hai Mera Dil, Harshad certainly seems to have impressed Ekta with his acting capabilities and of course, not to forget, his ever-pleasing smile!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Karan Patel

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Ekta Kapoor

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Harshad Chopda

Comments (48)

Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel...,,,,

9 years ago

wud hv loved arjun char if happened :)))
God bless you harshad!!!

11 years ago

u r sooooooooooooo cute.i luv u soooooooooo much

15 years ago

whoever gets most awrds gets most roles good strategy by ekta...he will do justice to the role

15 years ago

I unno if im all excited for this show.
But she def did pick a good choice :D

15 years ago

i think hiten is the best choice for karan role - harshad look good in krishan's role

15 years ago

I dont think he fits the role of arjun , maybe iqbal khan would have suited better

15 years ago

I am imagining how will HC look in those costumes.

15 years ago

Brilliant news, i am sure he will do full justice and be perfect to the T as Arjun.... so wud be Hiten perfect as Karan

15 years ago

wow, playing arjun...all the best HC
thanks for the info...

15 years ago

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