Harshad Chopra thronged by female fans...

Harshad Chopra had a tough time handling his female fans when he was in Lucknow recently for Talaash-E-Baliye auditions...

Harshad Chopra has been moving from city to city searching for his Baliye who would be partner to him in his performance for the Grand Finale of Nach Baliye 4...

As Harshad was on the mission of Talaash-E-Baliye, girls in every city thronged him and wished to spend a moment with the actor they adore and love. When the actor was auditioning recently in Lucknow, the girls gathered there went crazy to have a glimpse of the dashing young lad.

According to our source, "Harshad had a tough time dealing with the girls over there,so much so that he had to be rushed to his room in a hurry. But his fans did not stop stalking him there too, and the actor was shocked to see a heap of fan letters lying there in his room".

"However, a letter caught the eye of Harshad which had the name Aunty written over it. The content of the letter amazed him even more, as it read 'This is your aunty writing to you. Come with me, it will be my pleasure to take you around Lucknow and show you various places", adds our source.

Well, what to say about the huge fan following that Harshad has all over the country? Leave alone girls, even aunties pray to get a moment with the actor!!! Three cheers to Harshad...

To catch your favorite actor dancing with his Baliye, tune into Star Plus Nach Baliye 4 on February 1st at 9PM.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


Harshad Chopda

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rfzd 11 years ago soo cute.love u2009-07-06 00:42:43
ash.h 11 years ago harshad your one person i would love to meet in my lifetime!!!your every girls and womens idol man!!!!!!!!
-Anusha- 11 years ago once again thanks soo much for the article
thousand cheers to Harshu..he was really mindblowing in finale ..
Bul3 11 years ago Thats very sweet...nobody can resist Harshad and his hotness I guess.
-Ayushi- 11 years ago Harshad is very cute and handsome.Any girl will want to see him and even aunties lol.

He must have had a tough time.
xsimzxchickx 11 years ago lmao awwww poor thing man! hes so cute tho! xxxx
*shilpa*karan* 11 years ago he must have had a very very hard tym lukin 4 a baliye cuz of his female fans and he is cute and handsome so its obvious he has thousandz and thousandz of female fans all over dis universe .... :D:D :D:D and i really really really looking 4ward 2 his dance anf i have 2 wait 3 weeks man cuz im in UK and , in india evrythin starts first .... so i cant really wait 4 it 2 cum on !!
smart amy girl
smart amy girl 11 years ago awww..soo cute...thanxx... oh dat aunty fan''s gr8 too...LOL
catmeow 11 years ago lol...aunties r fan of harsahd 2! Dats so kewl....im lukin forward to his dance,,,
shabs_89 11 years ago LOL...this is sooooo funny....poor guy....he thought he didnt hav a huge fan following...now it''s living proof he has!...lol...awww....feel sori for him!...giv the guy a break girls...in india!...hehehe...jokes!

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