Harish Patel to enter Baa Bahu aur Baby

Baa Bahu aur Baby will see the entry Rimjim's father who will add a twist to the tale...

Star Plus and Hats Off  Production's Baa Bahu aur Baby will  be seeing a new entry this weekend in seasoned actor Harish Patel.

According to our source, "Harish Patel will essay the character of Parshuram Talwar, a beer bar owner. He is the father of Rimjim played by Menka Lalwani. He enters the picture when he gets to know that his daughter is in love with Jigar. He will provide a comic touch to the show. However there will be a twist to the tale as he  disapproves of Jigar and Rimjim wedding."

With Amit Verma out of Baa Bahu aur Baby, the track of Birju and Baby is being revised. "Baby (Benaf Dadachanji) is undergoing trouble adjusting in her sasural. In the present track, she is always seen having tiffs with Birju's Daimaa (Dolly Minhas). As the track proceeds, there is a possibility of Baby getting back to her Maayka. But the final track has not been finalized yet," adds our source.

Harish Patel's entry will be aired this coming Sunday.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Harish Patel

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Amit Varma

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Benaf Dadachanji

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Menka Lalwani

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Baa Bahu Aur Baby - Season 2

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Comments (5)

he is a good comic actor. I think his entry will add a new flavour to the show

14 years ago

waiting for him.Harish Patel has always been funny in his movies.

14 years ago

I think its better to make Birju and Baby disappeat from the show like Dimple and Anish as Baby is married now!!!!

14 years ago

cool, but please do not bring back baby to her mayaka.............she was presented as a nice girl, jo bahut samjhdaar hai, its better to replace birju with any character............

14 years ago

thnx for the article... any1 knw who is replacing amit?

14 years ago

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