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Hardworking people are my inspiration: Waseem Mushtaq

Waseem Mushtaq talks about his life, interests and acting experiences...

Waseem Mushtaq who plays main lead Tej in Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan on Life OK speaks his heart out about Amrit Manthan and matters close to his heart

Name the shows you have done in the past and how did you land up this role?

I have done a number of shows in the past. These shows gave me a lot of exposure and experience in terms of the work I did. Few months back I was called by Director's Kut Productions for an audition for their show Havan, but things did not work out. Later, I got a call from them again – this time for Amrit Manthan.This time everything clicked and I got selected for the show. It felt really nice.  

What is so unique about your role?

I am playing an officer of the Indian Army. There is so much one needs to do to ensure that the role is portrayed properly – the body language, the mannerisms, the diction…everything is different. I must say I am enjoying this a lot.

The show is women dominated. Does this limit your significance in the show?.

Come to think of it, almost every show in the television industry today is women oriented! While it may reduce a lead actor's screen presence, but eventually you cannot deny the significance of the role! A male protagonist will get his share of time and importance in the show!


How is it working with Dimple Jhangiani and Adaa Khan?

It is great fun! More so because we share a great rapport and have loads of fun on the sets!

How is it working with Directors Kut and Producer Rajan Shahi?

It has been a great experience so far. They are very professional and friendly at the same time. Working with Rajan Sir is an honour for me. He is one of the sweetest people II have come across in the industry. He is so full of energy and positive vibes. You really feel charged up when he is around. It is a great pleasure working with him.

Do you think the industry is over crowded and not enough good roles are there for  everyoneFor one good role there are many candidates are considered. Does that make the situation difficult?

Competition is there in every field. I feel the more the competition, the better you perform because it becomes a question of survival. While I do agree that there is a scarcity of good roles, I guess we just need to accept this reality and move on.

Who are your close friends in the industry?Do you have 4 am friends? Do you really feel one needs to have close friends?
There are so many...Neil Bhatt ,Smiriti Kalra , Sargun Mehta and Indresh  Malik. We should have close friends. Life without them is very difficult!

Tell four things you want to change about yourself.

I feel blessed with whatever I have, thanks to Allah.

As an actor what inspires you the most?

Hardworking people.

Any actor whom you look upto?

Ajay Devgan and Irfan Khan.

Are you dating someone? If no describe your dream woman.

I am already married to my dream girl!

Your most embarassing moment.


Who are your favourite bollywood actors and actresses and why?

Ajay and Irfan for their superb performance. And of course Vidya Balan, who is no less than a hero! 

Any phobia you have?

I am dead scared of spiders!

Don't you think of trying your luck in films? If yes why if no why?

Of course I want to try. Right now my priority is my show but if I get a good role I will definitely try for that. 

Do you think luck plays an important part in getting an opportunity?

Yes I do. In our industry talent follows luck!

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Going to Pahalgaam with my entire family - we used to have so much fun. Those were priceless memories in my life. 

What is the secret of your lean look?

Dinner by 8 PM and regular workouts! One should follow this regime, it's very important to have your dinner early. 

What is the best compliment you have ever recieved?

The chief Editor of Karol Bagh called me up after watching my drunk sequence and said it reminded him of Mr Amitabh Bacchan in Sharaabi.

Are you supporting any cause? is there any issue close to your heart which you would like to support?

I want more and more people to visit Kashmir and shed their fears. Promoting the tourism  of my state is a very important and a neglected cause. The livelihood of lakhs depends on it!!!! I wish I can do something for that cause. 

What you love to watch on tv? which programs which channels and why?

I love to watch Crime Patrol and Dexter. Both are fantastic shows ... and in sports (football and tennis only) strange but I am not a big fan of cricket. 

What is your favorite all time classic tv show and why?

Neem Ka Ped (Pankaj Kapur's performance in it is spectacular). I also like old classic's like Hum Log, Ramayan or Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi as examples.

Can you cook? If yes what?

Yes I cook chicken and mutton dishes and I am quite good at that. 

If you get  A magic stick that can fulfill any wishes. what will be your first four wishes?

A healthy life, tension free Kashmir, corruption free India and good roads in Mumbai.

Any interesting fan encounter.

Once while coming from Jammu to Delhi, a 40+ man met me on the plane and just when we were waiting for the take off - he comes up to me and gives me his phone and says my wife is on the line! The flight crew were literally shouting and asking him to sit down as the plane had started taxiing for the take off.It was an awkward moment. He sat next to me throughout the flight.

Do you think good looks are important for a tv actor? 

Absolutely but apart from that one should know how to act as well. Good look with good performance should be the ideal match. 

Where do you  see yourself five years from now?

Don't know what is going to be, but I want to be happy in life. I want to be content and happy in my personal and professional life both.

What is the philosophy of your life?

Simple living. Just live your life and let people live theirs peacefully. Be positive. I am a firm believer of what happens, happens for good.


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