Hard Kaur and Savio's Spanish bull fight..

A terrific combination of salsa set to the magic of the Spanish bull fight is what Hard Kaur and Savio have to offer this week in Jhalak..

Hard Kaur and her mentor Savio gave an unbelievable performance this week in SonysJhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

A terrific combination of salsa set to the magic of the Spanish bull fight is what viewers will be treated to. The show of strength between the vanquished and the victor simply set the stage alight. The only difference was that the rodeo may have won but it was Hard Kaur, the vanquished one who had stolen the limelight.

According to our source, The three judges simple stood up speechless and gave the duo a standing ovation. Saroj Khan brought out the money and Juhi went a step ahead in suggesting that she feels like breaking the custom and give a thousand rupee note instead!!.

When we talked to Hard Kaur, the rapper was extremely delighted at the way this week has gone for her, and said, I performed on a dance form named Paso which is a form of bull fight dance. I was portraying the bull while Savio wanted to kill the bull. I have always seen to it that I show variety in my dance acts, and this came out very well. I would request viewers to cast their votes only on the basis of performances and nothing else.

Hard Kaur wishes to see herself among the top three finalists on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. When asked who else she thinks will be till the end, she was quick in mentioning Karans name...Karan because of his popularity and I think either Shilpa or Parul.

To catch the engaging bull fight between Savio and Hard Kaur, tune in to Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa this Friday at 9. PM only on Sony..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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armaanbasket, JHI luvs dmg chill yaar. dont take this to heart. she have said what she feels. we all love karan. he is my cutie pie. they are all just insecure bcz karan''s fan following. noting else. no offence to anyone

15 years ago

wat rubbish i m fed up wid dis..1st gauhar den monica n now hard kaur...evry1 is behind ksg..is it his fault he gets voes..
baichung is also saved coz of his cuteness.
i just hate dem...no offence but wats dere probss..
its enough yaar..if ksg wanted he can say 2 dem but never says...i love him for evrything..he is a nice human..i love him fro dat..
wat if ksg get loads of votes..luk even jdj1 n jdj 2 were nt desrving n dey won no1 said anything abt dem..
wen ksg got 19 n ram got 16 n ram was saying kisi mein toh ksg ko beat,i mean ram was laughing n ksg was upset as he dint got gud mrks..n next day he was tensed of being eliminated n 1st day also he was upset..
n m happy he never say dat if less mrks i will b save frm votes...karan logo ka kaam hain kehna..i m proud of u..i think we shud ignore dese things as we know all r jealous of karan n he has improved soo much..his bad prformance were 1st n only jugalbandi..
ksg dnt wrry just chill dnt take any kinda stress n just enjoy prforming..if want take break frm dmg for sumtime as u hurted ur foot..
just prove all of dem wrong dat u r saved on d basis of ur talent as may believes u r nt talented..
but wee all fans know u r talented...
ksg n nicole just keep it up n ksg take care of ur foot....get well soon n do take rest even if u wanna take break frm dmg feel free yaar..take break..winning n prforming on stage is nt very much important.............dan ur health.....ur fans wants u 2 b fit n fine.....
best of luck...keep it up wid ur gud wrk n win jdj3...n dnt ever involve urself in controversies as others do.... karan m a psychology student n i can see ur face u r soo wrried of being eliminated but sum believe dat u r coll at dat time...but i know much more dan ur enemies.......

15 years ago

i completely agree with ksg_sonia...i m just fed up of all rhese celebs....
all of them sab haath dho kar ss bachare karan k peechay lagg gaye hain ..... he has forgotten himself and even doesnt meet his wife for even days sumtyms....h
es working so hard now thatz not his fault that hes most gudluking or has a huge huge fan following.....
karan ko nazar na lage warna yeh sab tou uss ko haye laga kar hi chodaingay........

even the judges dont give him a perfect 30 coz they think kay iss ko tou votes mill hi jayengay....
so guyz agar karan ki voting zara si bhi kam hui tou its not diffucult for him to be in the dance-off.....plzzz...gyz...
dis shouldnot happen and we shold not let dat happen..
..we cant let him down...
REMEMBER DERE IS NOW NO WILD CARD ENTRY....so we ve to be very very careful now and double our voting 4 him....

guyz keep voting for him....we cant let him down
dis is the tym to shw our luv
and only we can make him get da reward 4 the hardwork.......

so...guyzzz....KEEP VOTING

15 years ago

would be looking forward to this one

15 years ago

u deserve to win girl n no one else!!!! she said right thst karan gets votes coz of his fans only n karan fans dont agree...guyss its nothing but the truth..look even others feel it this way....even a person like gauhar went out coz she dint have many fans ...sm fans vote for just dance like us..but a person who has many other contestant better than him does not get out coz he has lots of fans....no offense!! he has improved but right now hes the weakest..

15 years ago

YAYY!!!! :D I really hope she wins!! aww Savio looks so cute! =)

15 years ago

Good that Hard Kaur scored 30. But she should not have said that KSG will be in Top 3 because of his popularity.

That guy has worked hard forgetting the difference between days and nights.

KSG will be there because if his work and dance.

15 years ago

I hope 2 see her nd karan in da final...... nd i noe for sure karan is tryin his best... nd not his fault he''s popular..!!!

15 years ago

Karan wont win just cuz of his popularity...i mean yo he works mad hard for his dance

15 years ago

em so sick of all these ppl tht i jus cant stop laughin now
i mean see all d celes in jhalak r jealous of karan''s popularity (KARAN KO NAZAR NA LAGE) n secondly they keep saying dance ko dekh kar vote do aur forget abt everything else (again they point to karan here...) bt these idiots, are they all blind? dont they see at all how hard karan works...jus becoz he has such a strong fan following doesnt mean tht he doesnt work hard...infact i bet he put in more effort than any of d other celebs on jhalak...for god''s sake, u freakin celebs, atleast start admitting stuff, u guys r old enough!!!
luv u karan

15 years ago

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