#HappyFathersDay: Newbie Daddies of the Tinsel town

From Handsome Hunks to Darling Dads...

As we celebrate the spirit of Fatherhood today, how can we forget the newbie Daddies of the Tinsel town?! 

On the occasion of Father's Day, we quizzed some of the newly turned dads of the Telly town and tried to find out from them as how Fatherhood has changed their lives. Let's see what they said...

Akshay Dogra - Its little difficult to describe! In the middle of changing diapers and cleaning his vomit, there are moments that he smiles and makes indecipherable sounds. Its a good feeling but above all, since Ivaan has come into our lives, I have felt a sense of responsibility that is beyond me. So, in that sense, things have changed a bit.

Yash Sinha - Life has changed completely. This beautiful feeling can't be described in words as how it has changed. Now everything revolves around my son! To be honest, its Amrapali (Amrapali Gupta) who actually takes care of him and I know nuts about anything but I keep pestering her with lots of questions about the baby and till now she has been kind enough to calmly handle my paranoias and as a person, fatherhood has made me a better human being.

Nirbhay Wadhwa - I find it little difficult to fully concentrate on my work because I am always thinking about my daughter but its a nice feeling altogether! I have started shopping more for her. Sometimes, I end up picking up clothes that are larger in size for her and I get to listen a lot of things at home so such small small things keep happening. From changing diapers to making my baby calm when she is crying, I have learned a lot of things and I feel proud. Its a nice feeling.

Ajay Chaudhary

Ajay Chaudhary - Life has changed completely! I have a reason to come back from my work quickly and it makes me realise that how time flies. When she held my hand for the first time, the feeling can't be described in words. My way of living has changed; now whatever I do, I first think that how will this thing affect her. Its a different kind of attachment.

TellyBuzz wishes all the super dads a very Happy Father's Day!

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Ajay Chaudhary

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Amrapali Gupta

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Akshay Dogra

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Yash Sinha

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Nirbhay Wadhwa

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ajay chaudhary is fab actor & his daughter is cute like him.

7 years ago

how cute ...small joys of life ..

7 years ago

so Sweet dear Ajay Chaudhary
God Bless u and ur family
Jiyana is soo cute

7 years ago

That is amazing we are waiting for your entry on FB

10 years ago

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