Happy homecoming for Sunaina..

Sunaina Gulia, of Dill Mill Gayye is enjoying every moment of leisure time with her mom and friends in Delhi...

As everything in at a stand still in the TV Industry, most of the actors have taken time out to be with their family or take to a much-needed vacation.

Sunaina Gulia, who plays the bubbly Dr. Anjali in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye is back home in Delhi, spending time with her mom and friends.

“I am happy that I am getting to spend time with my mom. I came in May to give her a surprise on her birthday, but that was just for two days. It’s a great homecoming for me”, says Sunaina.

The actress is nostalgic as she is meeting up with her friends from college after a long time. “I am thrilled as I am getting to meet my friends again. We have been shopping, and enjoying time together. The weather in Delhi too is nice”, quips she.

What’s next for Sunaina? “If this strike goes on, then I will get back to Mumbai and head to Goa with my Mumbai mates”, states the charming actress.

On the next track in Dill Mill Gayye, Sunaina says, “That’s a big surprise for the audience”. When quizzed whether Abhimanyu Modi will turn to be the love interest of Anjali, she reasons out, “The script has not yet been finalized. So let’s see what happens”.

Lastly, when asked whether there is anything else in the pipeline, she candidly says, “I am happy with my DMG family. I give nearly 25-28 days here, and as of now enjoying every moment of the show”.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Sunaina Gulia

Comments (27)

Anji looks better with Atul.We want no more twists in the show.

14 years ago

luv her in dmg!
wish her all the best!

15 years ago

awww...happi 4 her..but now poor her wnt b able 2 go 2 goa..shoting is gonna b bck on! lolz i dnt wnt her 2 b w/ amit..but sadli it wil b her or ridzi..id rather hve her w/ amit dan ridiz..but most of alll amit n shweta r gud 2gether! dey luk cute! :)

15 years ago

so she''z having gr8 time...Enjoy sunaina.

15 years ago

well sunaina is our Dr.Anjali
very bubbly and a talented actress.i hope anji goes with atul and abhi with niki

15 years ago

I wish Sunaina would move on to another show which would truly showcase her talent. She is too good for a nonsensefest like DMG....Oh well, guess she''s happy being wallpaper in this show :S

15 years ago

anjali and amit bad couple.
niks and amit perfect.
ridz and amit made for each other.

15 years ago

good....so happy tht all of them got some time off to spend with their family

25-28 days....does that mean they dont get Sat-Sun off?

15 years ago

Thanks!!! Its great that she got to spend some time with her mom and friends!!! She is truley sweet!!! Love her as Angali in DMG!!!

15 years ago

lol..abhimanyu n anjali wud suit each other...lol..seeing as thy''re both so intense all the time...
but thn poor atul :(

15 years ago

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