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Hanuman Returns -Movie Review

Two years back 'Hanuman' enthralled all and sundry and proved to be one of the first animation films in the country to get wide scale acceptance.

Published: Friday,Dec 28, 2007 18:50 PM GMT-07:00
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Hanuman Returns -Movie Review
Director- Anurag Kashyap

Rating-*** (Good)

Two years back ‘Hanuman’ enthralled all and sundry and proved to be one of the first animation films in the country to get wide scale acceptance. Now ‘Hanuman Returns’ too tries to achieve the same. But then the makers have claimed this movie is not a sequel to the 2005 film. Even if it’s not, it’s good to see that now in India too like abroad, animation films can be made for the mainstream market and or at least tried to be made.

Audiences on their part are sure to make comparisons with the previous movie because baby Hanuman looks similar and as cute. Since the whole story of Hanuman was covered by the first film, in this one the makers have tried to give mythology a more contemporary touch and importantly in a witty manner.

It’s Kalyug and Hanuman wants to be born on earth. He influences his pal Naraad Muni to convince Lord Brahma to let him be re born in earth. Lord Brahma agrees but he has some terms and conditions. Hanuman takes birth as a Pandit’s son and grows up pretty fast, true to his divine roots and makes life better for a timid boy Minku and a few other simple kids whom he befriends. In the end he saves the village he is born in and in the process mankind from a major catastrophe.

The best thing working in the film’s favour is the humour element which should appeal to the kidsALSO READ: Anurag Kashyap reveals struggles to release films facing questions about morality
Hanuman Returns -Movie Review
and adults alike. There are characters in the movie who talk in the voices of actors Raaj Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Amjaad Khan’s Gabbar Singh and even Shah Rukh Khan. There are references to ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Mission Impossible’ as well!

And Hanuman not only travels to India but to other parts of the world as well probably stressing on the fact that before Superman, Batman and Spiderman, there was our very own superhero- Hanuman.

However at points it seems the film is dealing with too many sub plots which in a way makes the on goings a little complicated. But the film by keeping the mythological elements alive, yet giving it a contemporary touch manages to enlighten and entertain.

The music goes with the mood of the film and the animation is good for Indian standards. But then we still have a long way to go before animation films in India can have a head on clash with those from Holywood and other industries.

-Sneha Hazarika (SAMPURN)

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