Hamari Devrani running high on TRP's

Producer Shobhna Desai tells about the reasons behind this recently launched serial on Star Plus getting so much of audience's adulations...


Hamari Devrani on Star Plus, even though launched recently, touches an average of 3.1 TVR with its Monday episode last week touching 3.8 TVR, the highest since launch.

The show which tells about the Nanavati Pariwar and the sweet & sour relationships in that family, especially among the five Bahu’s who play the major role in this soap. Shobhna Desai, the producer, when asked about the high TRP’s said, “I would say its good luck for us all. I feel it’s the characters and the story that has clicked with the audience. Different characters have been given different look, something that is going down well with the viewers and so this high TRP.” She also cleared that the track won’t see any major change in near future.

With an interesting yet strong line of both cast and story, this soap is definitely doing well. This story is just not a family drama, but a mirror image of an Indian household, something which seems to have been taken by the audience very positively.

Reporter : Ranjini Nair

Author : Barnali


A Desai

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desi_angel101 12 years ago This content is hidden.
divyachandresh 12 years ago its boring but i saw the proms it was good but dint really like it any way thanks
gawker 12 years ago no offence, but which trps are they talking about? the show seems to be full of heavily made-up, evil, fat ladies. i doubt too many people would want to watch this.
mz.jess 12 years ago ah i dunt find it unique at all. how is it getting trps :S
Vitna 12 years ago This content is hidden.
RandomSquared 12 years ago lol i dun watch it but i see the promos, lol i feel soo bad bout the actors, they have ooo much makeup on, their eye shadow is sooo heavy, my mom i always laugh bout it.
ramani 12 years ago a saas-bahu,so dnt watch it,bt i have seen the femlead i mean the devrani n she's so sweet n looks rlly innocent,damm suits the char,so i wish all the best to her n her show.
klueless 12 years ago Thwe lead pair - Mohan and Bhakti are so cute and innocent .. really adorable .
123abc123 12 years ago thx its a gd serial
sumin very difernt
Born-star 12 years ago wow
but i havent seen this serial
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