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Gorgeous Lara Dutt to debut on Television!

Ravishing Lara Dutta will be seen mentoring the Miss Diva Universe series on Zee Cafe.

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This Miss Diva Universe series on Zee Cafe will have a different outlook this time and will be conducted in an interesting manner.

A new name has been introduced in the show, which is of none other than gorgeous and gracious Lara Dutta. The svelte actress who was crowned as Miss Universe in the year 2000 will help the contestants to brace themselves for the pageant. She will be seen as a mentor for the contestants.

As per our source, "There will be 15 finalists and each episode will have an elimination round and three divas will be crowned in each episode that will head for the finale round. There will be celebrity judges who will be judging them on different characteristics and challenging them."

"Actress Lara Dutta will be seen hosting the event," she further adds.

Well its nice to see Lara making her debut on TV.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

Aakruti Damani


Lara Dutta Zee Cafe 

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-Preeti- 9 years ago thats good ... hope the girl does a good job
All the best to the TEAM and Salman
tomnjerry2 9 years ago read after sumdays... New girl in Salman's lyf... its so repetitive !!!ROFLROFL
-Jahnvi- 9 years ago All I can say is that I like how Salman promotes new talent in his movies. Whether or not they get work later on depends on their luck but he doesn't hesitate from taking the initial step.
Fattoom 9 years ago Salman is the best .. a sweetheart :)
waiting for the movie ^_^
love u dear :)
kinshukkiaashiq 9 years ago the actress could be anyone but salman is the best best no one like him
rockstar SALMAN !!!!!!
love you
Rapier 9 years ago funny how sohail wanted a 'hot model'. i wonder if he even considered her acting? i have nothing against the girl. don't even know her. but i just think it is curious when a director/producer searches for a 'hot model' for their film and don't mention anything about acting. i mean it is a "film" right? not a ramp walk? why is the criteria, "being a hot model"? i don't understand how being a hot model = being able to act? i don't understand!
Craziest_MG 9 years ago Oh plz tell me how is she ''Salman's girl''...???
Com'on yaar why do you have to link every girl with Salman...plz use better words...

N who cares who the actress is...what matters the most is Salman...people go to watch movie only for u Salman...muaahh...

N aaanyyyieee...Himes bhai...filum
-Nafisa- 9 years ago Sallu, was after Nargis Farkri and now Angela Johnson to star with him in his next this telling us something Sallu...that you want a bit of revenge for Kat doing this to you with other explanation fits, he wants to do the same with Ranbir's many girlfriends...because if the press is to be believed Ranbir was dating Kat, Nargis and Angela Johnson all at the same time, and his Karan Johar interview where he was talking about phonecalls from other girls when with another girl, and naming girls in his phonebook battery evade being found out...But what will Ranbir feel even if Sallu dates an ex girlfriend or current girlfriend nothing right?
larki_punjaban 9 years ago the good thing abt salman is dat he gives everyone new comers a chance to grow up in the industrie and after working only one with sallu the actresses always become big star in b-town just qauz of salman
moniluvskinshuk 9 years ago Heroine chahe koi bhi ho . Dekhne toh Log Sallu ko hi aayenge . Salman doesn't need any actress opp him . he himself alone can make a movie Blockbuster . Salman u rockkk2011-09-14 12:36:55
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