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Girija Oak roped in for Ladies Special!

'Ladies Special' coming soon only on Sony Entertainment Television! Read on to know more.

5 October 2018
Sony Entertainment Television will soon bring back one of its epic show Ladies Special'! The star-cast of the show is being finalized and acclaimed Maharashtrian actress Girija Oak has been confirmed for a pivotal role. The actress has impressed viewers over the years with her diverse acting skills across movies and television shows. Girija will be seen essaying the character of Meghna Nikade who hails from a humble background and aspires to be an entrepreneur.
When contacted Girija Oak confirmed, "It's a wonderful opportunity to play the character of Meghna Nikade in Ladies Special. Through this wonderful medium I get to represent the Maharashtrian woman of today. Earlier Marathi women would be typecast as ones who wear nine-yard sarees and would begin the day by fetching water for the household. This has changed completely! Today, Marathi women stand toe-to-toe with other professionals and are making their mark in various fields. We are hard-working and focused like the urban youth of today and never lose sight of our aim in life. My on-screen character of Meghna Nikade reflects the same which will definitely find a connect with the audience!"

Ladies Special' brings to the viewers an interesting concept of a women hailing from different backgrounds and their unique friendship. It shows different shades of women and how each one of them fosters a great bond of camaraderie with each other as they commute together.
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Fatima_Q 2014-12-08T12:27:34Z Who could afford to make a film with all 3 Khans in it? But then who could afford not to. It would break all the records! Looking forward to Sushant Singh Rajput in PK.2014-12-08 12:28:50 2014-12-08T04:52:14Z I would like to see how much money a film with all three of them makes. Probably end up in the history books :)
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