Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin: Yashwant warns Swanand to keep Reeva away from Ishaan

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin, Yashwant sternly warns Swanand to keep his daughter away from Ishaan and issues a threat.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Tonight's Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin episode commences with Surekha dialling Ishaan's (Shakti Arora) number while Anvi informs her that the food is ready. Despite Surekha's assurance to wait for Ishaan, Anvi expresses concern about his disturbance over Guddi's (Reeva) announcement. Anvi speculates that Ishaan might be troubled by Reeva's return, to which Surekha dismissively attributes it to Savi (Bhavika Sharma). Ignoring Yashwant's inquiry, Surekha insists on Durva calling Savi to find Ishaan's whereabouts. Just then, Ishaan returns home, prompting Surekha to invite him for dinner. However, visibly upset, Ishaan declines and retreats to his room, with Surekha following.

Surekha persists in asking Ishaan about the reason for his distress, and he reveals Reeva's return, recounting her proposal to him in college. Uncertain about how to handle the situation, Ishaan confides in Surekha. Surekha resolves to take action, blaming Savi for the predicament. Swati criticizes Reeva, saying she is ruining her life, and urges Swanand to intervene. Swanand receives a call from Yashwant, which Swati insists on putting on speaker. Yashwant sternly warns Swanand to keep his daughter away from Ishaan and issues a threat, culminating in him angrily breaking his phone.

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Swati decides it's time to leave and implores Reeva to pack their bags, while Swanand, fearing Yashwant's capabilities, advises Reeva to take a break from her studies and stay with her parents. Swanand leaves the room after issuing a final decision to Reeva. Troubled by recent events, Savi reaches out to Vinu to inquire about Ninad's condition. Vinu rebukes Savi for her absence and informs her that Ninad is in the last stage of Alzheimer's, unable to remember anything. Vinu scolds Savi, telling her not to call again before ending the conversation.

Swanand and Swati discuss Yashwant's threats, and upon entering Reeva's room, they discover her gone. Reading a note from Reeva expressing remorse and the intention to correct her mistakes, Swanand and Swati are left worried. The next scene unfolds with Ishaan waking up to find Reeva in his room. Reeva asserts that Ishaan can never forget about her, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

Precap: Savi messages Ishaan, expressing concern for his well-being. Surekha confronts Reeva, questioning her audacity to enter their house. Reeva, undeterred, vows to do whatever it takes to reignite their love. The episode concludes with Ishaan intervening as Reeva's father attempts to take her away, presenting a box to Reeva.

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