Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Yashwant's anger leads Ishaan to prompt his resignation

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin', Ishaan surprises Savi with a college hostel room, leading to a heated argument with Yashwant.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Ishaan enters a dusty room allocated to Savi, and while checking it, he accidentally slips onto a bed. This startles Shukla, who expresses concern. Ishaan, however, laughs it off, reminiscing about his college days spent with friends in similar hostel rooms. Shukla observes that Ishaan seems to be in an unusually good mood today and wishes for his perpetual happiness. Ishaan playfully instructs Shukla to clean the room, replace the furniture, and hang a poster with the message "Study peacefully without fighting with your professor," which he believes suits Savi perfectly. Shukla, amused by Ishaan's behaviour, speculates that Ishaan may have consumed something other than his usual juice and hopes he continues to do so.

Later, Shantanu brings Isha back home after a doctor's checkup and reports her full recovery. Isha expresses her readiness to return to Ramtek. Shantanu inquires about Savi's whereabouts, and she arrives with Solkadi, asking Isha about the doctor's diagnosis. Isha confirms her improved health and intention to return to Ramtek. Savi mentions they both have some unresolved accommodation matters. Ishaan enters and proposes that they pretend that Savi's residence is his father's house and he can visit anytime. Shantanu questions Ishaan about attending college, and Ishaan explains he's back from college but has some business with Savi. Savi inquires about this, and Ishaan asks her to accompany him, to which she agrees. Shantanu asks Isha why Ishaan took Savi with him, and she suggests checking his phone. Shantanu discovers the surprise hostel room allotment for Savi, feeling pleased with Ishaan's unexpected gesture.

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Ishaan takes Savi to her college hostel and reveals her room, prompting her to exclaim that she no longer needs to return to Ramtek. In the process, Savi slips, but Ishaan swiftly catches her, leading to a brief, intimate moment before being interrupted by her friends. Back at home, they engage in playful banter. Shantanu notes Ishaan's happiness, a rare sight in the Bhosale household. Isha suggests that Ishaan may need a life partner who truly understands him, and Shantanu reveals Ishaan's hesitation to form a new relationship due to a past incident with Reeva, who aspired to continue her education while Ishaan desired a more committed relationship. Isha suggests Savi as a compatible match for Ishaan and Shantanu concur. Savi and Ishaan return home, announcing Savi's hostel room allotment, and they receive congratulations. Savi realizes they knew about the surprise in advance, and Isha explains their intention to delight her. Ishaan departs.

Upon his return, Ishaan faces Yashwant's anger for arranging a hostel room for Savi. Ishaan questions Yashwant about who allocated a space to Durva. Nishi claims responsibility, as he opposes Savi studying at their college. Ishaan defends his decision, emphasizing Savi's academic prowess and asserting that he acted in the college's best interest. Yashwant admonishes him, leading Ishaan to threaten the cancellation of his resignation as director of the board as he can't have his say. Yashwant falls silent and Ishaan retreats to his room. Surekha follows him and confronts Ishaan for arguing with Yashwant, attributing it to Isha's influence and urging him to apologize to Yashwant.

Precap: Ishaan attempts to fix Savi's hostel room's door lock, but it breaks. He asks Savi to use her phone since he left it in his car, but Savi's phone is dead. They contemplate how to spend the entire night and decide on playing antakshari. Their interaction takes an amusing turn as Ishaan jumps onto a chair in fear of a rat and asks Savi to shoo it away, leading to laughter from Savi.

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