Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi unearths Vinayak's involvement in the attack on Isha

In the upcoming Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Savi encounters Mandar and discovers Vinayak Chavan's role in the attack on Isha.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, the story unfolds with a dramatic twist as Ishaan (Shakti Arora) takes a bold step to have Savi (Bhavika Sharma) arrested. He instructs the lady inspector not to release Savi until she vows never to enter their house again. The entire family witnesses this tense moment, and a lady constable escorts Savi away. When Yashwant inquires about the situation, Ishaan claims that Savi has been constantly supporting Isha, alleging that he asked for money. Still, he knows deep down that greedy Isha actually wanted to give him the money. After the commotion, Ishaan urges everyone to go to sleep.

Savi at the police station:

The following day at the police station, Savi observes the lady inspector engaging with her daughter, reminding Savi of her mother. However, the inspector brushes off Savi's comment and requests tea from a constable. Savi, wanting to lighten the mood, also asks for masala tea, to which the inspector reminds her that the police station isn't a hotel. Savi then pleads for her release, explaining that she stayed in that house for three days and knew its layout well. She apologizes profusely by handing the inspector a page with a hundred apologies written. Reluctantly, the inspector agrees and warns Savi not to repeat her actions. Savi departs, vowing to get back at Ishaan for this incident.

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Savi shares the truth with Isha:

Meanwhile, a nurse at the hospital administers medication to Isha, and Isha inquires about Savi's whereabouts. Savi enters the room, and the nurse asks her to fetch new medicines. Isha questions Savi about her absence, but Savi insists she takes her medicine first. Afterwards, Savi recounts the incident to Isha, revealing Ishaan never asked for the money. Understanding the manipulation, Isha decides not to disclose the instigator's identity but expresses relief that Ishaan never asked for the money.

Mandar's confession:

At the police station, the inspector presents Mandar with a picture of Isha and questions if he knows her. Initially, Mandar denies any knowledge of her, but the inspector slaps him for his inconsistency. Then, the inspector shows Mandar a photo of the goon who shot Isha. Mandar admits that he knows the goon. The inspector accuses Mandar of being the mastermind behind the attack, presenting evidence of money transfers to the goon. Mandar eventually confesses, stating that Isha had damaged his reputation and implicated Vinayak Chavan's involvement in the scandal.

Savi's heartbreaking discovery:

The doctor delivers good news that Isha has recovered rapidly and will be discharged the next day. Isha books a cab for Ramtek, and Savi offers to accompany her. Savi suggests they rent an apartment together so that she can take care of Isha while managing her studies. Harini agrees with the plan, and Isha consents as well. The inspector returns with the news of the criminal's arrest and invites Isha for identification. The inspector informs about Mandar's involvement, leaving Savi stunned and devastated. Savi resolves to confront Mandar and uncover the truth.

Savi's encounter with Mandar:

Savi reaches the police station and requests to meet Mandar Latkar. The inspector reminds her of the protocols, but Savi, with her family's police background, insists on seeing him. The constable grants her ten minutes with Mandar. Savi confronts Mandar, grabbing his collar, and demands an explanation for his actions that endanger Isha's life. Mandar confesses that he targeted Isha and had plans to harm Savi. He reveals that Vinayak Chavan ordered the attack on Isha. Savi is shocked to learn this and struggles to believe that Vinayak could be involved. Mandar cruelly taunts Savi about her own family's betrayal, leaving her heartbroken.

As the episode concludes, Savi reminisces about her childhood moments with Vinayak. At the same time, she spots Vinayak and calls out his name, setting the stage for even more intense drama in the upcoming episodes.


In the precap of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Durva and Anvi remind Surekha that September 11th is Ishaan's birthday and their plan to do something special. Meanwhile, Savi intends to take Isha somewhere for her healing. Additionally, Savi hints at having an essential conversation with Ishaan involving everyone.

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Shame on writers for ruining Vinayak to this extent. Vinu was a problematic kid but was never criminal minded. Pathetic story !

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